Why You Should Have Watched This Commercial

You might have missed it. In fact, if you're more than a couple beers in this Super Bowl (and, let's face it, if you're a Denver Broncos fan, you most definitely are on at least beer No. 5), you almost definitely missed it. But the short, quiet beeps you heard, set in front of a blurry background, was most definitely a teaser for the return of 24.

That's right — Joe Namath's 1970s jacket and Radio Shack's 1980s-inspired ad weren't the only retro reminder this Super Bowl XLVIII. Instead, Fox — the network that first aired the Kiefer Sutherland hit — reminded us all of the early 2000s with a teaser for the revival of 24.

So when can you expect to see Sutherland revive his role as Jack Bauer, the counter-intelligence pro efficient enough to stop a nuclear bomb without even going to the bathroom? Not until May 5... and only for 12 measly episodes.

Still, the mere sound of the TV show's ticking clock was enough to excite any fan of the patriotic series. But how will we digest it in this 2010s universe? We'll find out come May 5. Until then, beep, beep, beep...

UPDATE: And yet another post! Watch the second one below and begin the speculation...

UPDATE: This time, with more detail! Jack and Chloe... in trouble?

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