Kylie Jenner Denies Those Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kylie Jenner has faced far more than her fair share of rumors. Whether it's about her relationship with rapper Tyga, her family's dynamics, or her ever-evolving look, there's barely a day that goes by with her being the topic of the gossip mill. Now, though, Kylie Jenner has denied plastic surgery rumors and is setting the record straight about the criticisms of her body. Despite her own admission of enhancements, the youngest of the family can't seem to escape scrutiny regarding her body, and considering that she's still only a teenager, the focus on her body is especially disturbing.

It's no shock though that Jenner is being endlessly accused of plastic surgery. It wasn't so long ago that her lips were the biggest talk of conversation regarding her career, and arguably, it was one of the biggest stories to come out of the Kardashian and Jenner clans. While at first she simply explained that she overlined her lips — which she did — Jenner eventually did explain that she'd gotten fillers to plump her lips. In fact, she went further and divulged her insecurities with her older sister, Kim, who told the media that Jenner has always been self-conscious. Now, it seems that she's experiencing criticism once again, and it's totally uncalled for.

Jenner recently appeared on the cover of Wonderland magazine, and inside the glossy explained that she's the recipient of some pretty harsh words regarding her body. Jenner believed that after her admission of lip fillers the speculation about her looks would end, but it was quite the opposite. She explains, "And then people took that and were like, ‘Oh well, if she got her lips done she probably got everything done'. People don't realize I just turned 18, so there's no way my mom would ever let me undergo a nose job or a boob job."

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Jenner went on to explain that the idea many have of her, thanks to her constant presence on reality television, doesn't mean that people know her. She said, "Nobody really knows who I am. People think that because we have a reality TV show that they know everything, but it's like, I'm not filming right now. That's maybe five percent out of my day." So while many may flip past Keeping Up With The Kardashians and see a teenager in love with beauty, those brief glimpses of her shouldn't be used to make inferences about what she does with her body.

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What makes the speculation especially sad is that, like she mentions, Jenner is only eighteen. Despite her young age, she's faced years of criticism, not just from her peers but from adults. She says, "Growing up, I've heard the worst things anyone could ever say about me and bullying was such a big part of my life, with the whole entire world judging me and stuff. So I started to look towards people with, like, I think, bigger more real issues than I have." While these same people may critique her nearly constant use of social media, Jenner has done exactly what she says: focused on people with bigger issues than her own.

Kylie Jenner began her #IAmMoreThan campaign to draw attention to the wonderful, triumphant stories of those with problems far larger than her own. Whether it's the stories of paralyzed persons or those who have become eating disorder survivors, she's used her social media to celebrate those who have overcome and thrived despite bullying and challenging many can't imagine facing.

So, while Kylie Jenner has denied plastic surgery rumors, she's not simply just addressing the hoopla. She has taken the criticism and bullying and dealt with it like a champ. For eighteen, I'd say Kylie ain't doing so bad.

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