How Will 'Bachelor' Ben Handle His Fantasy Suites?

If you’re like me (aka a mega fan of The Bachelor), you know that about, oh, three episodes back from the finale is actually the most important episode of the whole season. Forget the “hometown dates” or the date where the final two women meet the Bachelor’s parents — I’m talking about the Fantasy Suite time, baby. It’s the time in which producers finally leave the Bachelor and his special lady (well, ladies) some alone time for talking and other off-camera activities. Bachelor Ben Higgins’ religious affiliations are fairly well known, so will Ben have sex in the Fantasy Suite?

Ben’s not the first religious Bachelor the show has featured. Jake Pavelka asked a lot of faith questions of the women in his season, and, most famously, Sean Lowe opted to not have sex at all in the Fantasy Suite because he was a born-again Christian. In fact, he decided to remain celibate until he married Catherine Giudici, the woman he met on The Bachelor. Producers made a whole spectacle of their impending consummation — I’m surprised they didn’t display the sheets outside the honeymoon window the next morning.

Ben has made his religious nature well known. As a college student, according to Ok Here Is The Situation, Ben served as a director for a faith-based volunteer association in Peru, and, while he was still living in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, he volunteered at the Baker Youth Club, a Christian youth group, as we saw on the show. Ben even has a biblical tattoo — it reads, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” (it’s from Proverbs 16:3, as first reported by OKHereIsTheSituation). The meaning here is fairly straightforward — Ben leaves his future up to God and his faith.

So, here’s the thing — Ben already admitted during The Bachelorette that he was not a virgin. Can people who are religious have sex before marriage? Well, yes, they sure can. Sean Lowe opted not to have sex with Catherine before they were married, but there’s no reason why Ben has to follow that protocol. Everyone is different, and everyone’s relationship with God or whatever other deity you opt to follow is different.

Whether Ben wants to spend his Fantasy Suite time with his lady loves on the opposite side of the room fully clothed or naked and getting busy, it’s his (and whomever he’s in there with) prerogative. Ben is a religious guy, but he also seems realistic about relationships. Sometimes, people have sex. Sometimes, they don’t. Either way, it’s not up to me or you or Chris Harrison to dictate how things will go in the bedroom. Ben’s religious faith won’t necessarily encourage him to have sex in the Fantasy Suite, but it won’t discourage it either if he’s comfortable.

Images: Levy Moroshan/ABC; Giphy (2)