'Bachelor' Ben's Fantasy Suite Time Is Important

You guys, it’s time! It’s here! The Fantasy Suite dates (aka the most important dates on any season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) are upon us! While yes, it’s a little weird to think that Bachelors and their contestants get scheduled time to go down to Bone Town, I’m of the mind that you have to test drive the car before you buy it. What will Bachelor Ben do in the Fantasy Suite? Well, anything he and whoever he is in there wants to do, really, but I’m of the mind that it won’t be just getting naked.

You see, as cliché as this is to say, I truly believe that Ben Higgins is on The Bachelor for the “right reasons.” He’s not a fame whore like Juan Pablo Galavis seemed to be. He likely won’t be appearing on the 145th season of Dancing With The Stars. I fully believe that, barring a big Bachelor wedding (which I would also do if I were them if ABC foots the bill), Ben and his new lady will ride off into the Denver sunset and never look back. Ben’s been very open about the whole process of being on The Bachelor, and he’s really taking his time to make sure he’s doing it right and not rushing into anything. Ben has really been dedicated to getting to know everyone (and not standing any of the petty, dramatic bull that usually comes up during a season of The Bachelor).

It’s because of that that I think that Ben will spend most of the time in the Fantasy Suite just hanging out. Sure, he could have sex with a woman or two (or maybe all three). But, what’s really most important about the Fantasy Suite is that you have basically a whole evening of time with no cameras following you around.

Past contestants agree — In his book For The Right Reasons, Sean Lowe talked about while he did not have sex with any of the women on the show, he did use the Fantasy Suite time. “I wanted to use that night, alone, without any distractions, to really connect with the women,” he wrote. “Plus, I wanted to know how they’d act when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

Good point, Sean. Seeing Ben and Lauren or Caila or Jojo in the bedroom in their pajamas really doesn’t mean that anything rated above a PG-13 has happened.

Being that Ben is actually on The Bachelor to bring a wife to his adopted hometown of Denver, Ben is likely going to milk every second of Fantasy Suite time to get to really know the three women left on the show. Does she really gel with his lifestyle and him with hers? What does she really think about his religious affiliations? Does he snore and is that a deal breaker?

These are all questions that anyone in a normal relationship would be able to answer pretty fast. The Bachelor ramps up courtship, and it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s the magic of television and what’s real. The Fantasy Suite time away from the cameras can help take the shine away from the whole reality TV experience, and I think that Ben will take full advantage of this quiet, private time.

So, even if Ben chooses to accept that Fantasy Suite key with all three ladies, don't assume anything is going down other than Ben getting to know the women off camera and using that precious time to make an informed decision about his future.

Images: Scott Evans/ABC; Giphy (2)