Where Does Rory Live In The ‘GG’ Revival?

Sometimes, it seems like there are too many questions that I have about the Gilmore Girls revival. Questions that I know won’t be answered until the four-part series is released in full on Netflix, and I have marathoned my little heart out. But one of the questions that keeps nagging me, no matter how much I try to shut it up, is this: Where does Rory live in the revival? Because, if I’m being honest, most of my questions about the revival revolve around Rory. Especially since it was announced in February that all of her ex-boyfriends would be back for the revival.

So with Dean, Jess, and Logan all set to appear in the episodes, I am starting to get more and more curious about what Rory is up to these days now that three of her old flings will still be revolving around her life like weak-signaled satellites.

Thankfully, there are some things that we know for sure about the revival. In an exclusive interview with TV Line in February, creator and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino spoke about the one storyline that fans could count on being apart of the four-part comeback: Richard Gilmore’s death. Comparing the beginning of the revival to the beginning of the pilot, Sherman-Palladino said that Richard’s death would be the thing that forced all three of the women to change: “So the pilot started where all three women were at a change in their lives. And it felt like, well that’s where we need to start [the revival]. It’s later in their lives and we’re meeting up with them and finding out what they’ve been doing but, more than that, that all three of their lives are going to change.”

For all three of the Gilmore girls, Sherman-Palladino said, Richard’s death will bring up a lot of life-altering questions. She suggested some of them in the interview: “[A tragedy like that] brings up thoughts of, ‘Where am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?’ Because it’s mortality. Something they loved is gone, which means things you love will not be around forever. And you can’t take them for granted.”

Taking that idea and running with it, I think it’s likely that Rory will be confronting those questions in a big way in the revival, not only contemplating where she is and where she’s going, but what she is doing with the people in her life.

So, if that is the case, I’m imagining Richard’s death will be the thing that brings all three of the Gilmore girls back together again, both physically and emotionally. In other words, I think Richard’s death will be the reason Rory comes from wherever she is living (somewhere where she can fulfill her dream of being an journalist, I’m sure).

But there is one more hint in the interview that might be a clue as to where Rory is living these days. Sherman-Palladino admits that Rory is single in the revival, but she is quick to clarify: “She’s… single in the sense that she’s not married. But she’s dating like any young woman… would be.” I don’t mean to make any assumptions about small-town living, but small towns are not exactly the best place to be as a single woman. The fact that Rory has an active dating life makes me think even more that she is no longer living in Stars Hollow and is instead living in some big city center where the men are far more plentiful. Like, perhaps, NYC?

At least, that is what I am hoping, for her sake, of course. Otherwise, it sounds like she might be running into her exes all the time, and that just doesn't sound pleasant at all.

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