Is Logan Huntzberger Married In The 'GG' Revival?

I’ll be honest: I have a lot of questions about the Gilmore Girls revival. So many questions that I find myself spending most of my days staring off into the distance and day dreaming about what each of my favorite characters are up to these days. And ,as the news has poured in about more and more original cast members coming back for the four-part Netflix series, my daydreaming has gotten even worse. But when I heard that Matt Czuchry was returning to Stars Hollow to play Rory’s ex-boyfriend, Logan, my mind started racing. Because the last time we saw Rory and Logan together, he was proposing marriage and Rory was turning him down with a big fat no. So, of course, the question on my mind is will Logan be married in the Gilmore Girls revival? Because even though the series ended with Logan and Rory on the outs, the guy was clearly ready for a commitment.

But maybe he was just ready for a commitment with Rory, in which case it’s not necessarily a given that he would be married in the revival. But I think his decision to propose at the age of 22 may make him more susceptible to grand romantic gestures with other women. Given his past history with Rory, if he found another woman he loved just as much, there’s a pretty good chance he would have popped the question to her, too. Especially since these characters are well into their 30s by now. And — I speak from experience — when you reach your 30s, people start coupling up like flies.

Happily-married, Bloomingdale's-registered flies.

The one thing we can be sure of, though, is that, if Logan is married in the revival, he is not married to Rory. In an exclusive interview with TV Line, show creator and writer, Amy Sherman-Palladino, said that Rory was definitely single in the revival. As in, not married. Still, some fans have theorized that Rory and Logan did get married after the show ended, but that they are divorced by now.

Whatever Logan’s relationship status is in the revival — married, divorced, perpetually single — I think the one thing fans can bank on is a whole lot of romantic drama with Rory and all of her exes. With all three of them back in town — Dean and Jess are also set to return! — it’s guaranteed to be a romantic showdown for the ages.

And you know what I have to say about that: Let the games begin.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy