8 Exercises That Help You Have Stronger Climaxes

There are a lot of awesome things about the female orgasm: It feels great, it’s empowering, it’s powerful, and can even be spiritual, if you’re so inclined. But today I want to focus specifically on how those of us with vaginas can actually make those orgasms even stronger . And while some folks undoubtedly turn to their biggest sex organ — their mind — to ramp up the orgasm power, I want to take a look at the totally physical things you can do for stronger orgasms.

First of all, let’s talk about the body parts that are involved in orgasms, shall we? The clitoris is probably the most important part, as studies have shown that the majority of people with vaginas can’t climax through vaginal penetration alone. However, the clitoris is mainly a series of (very sensitive!) nerve endings, so it’s not really something that can be exercised. On the other hand, the vagina is itself a muscle and it’s also surround by pelvic muscles, which means that — just like any other muscle — you really can exercise them. Mind blowing, right?

So what are the best ways to make sure you're in top shape in order to give you even stronger orgasms? Keep reading for eight tips you may not have even thought about.

1. Kegels

You can’t write a post about vaginal strength without including kegels. The great thing about these exercises is they can be done without any tools and at any time! The best way to describe doing a kegel is clenching the muscle that you’d squeeze if you wanted to stop peeing midstream. Feel it? That’s a kegel! You can do them any time: at work, while watching TV, right now while reading this article… It’s like, the easiest and most unobtrusive workout routine you’ll ever do.

2. Electric Stimulation

There’s a new tool called the Intensity Intimate Health and Stimulation Device that uses electrical stimulation to simultaneously strengthen pelvic floor muscles and acts a vibrator to give you an orgasm! It’s quite literally an orgasmic workout. Um, yes please!

3. Edging

For some reason “edging” always sounds like something dangerous to me — but it’s not! All it means is working yourself up to the almost there point of orgasm, stopping, letting your body calm down, and then working yourself up again. Rinse, lather, repeat! The build up leads to next level orgasms that Amanda Chatel describes as “OMG MIND BLOWN CLEAR OUT OF THE WATER AND INTO OUTER SPACE.” Hard to argue with that endorsement, isn’t it?

4. Daily Masturbation

Here’s a fun fact: More frequent orgasms lead to stronger orgasms. According to a study conducted by the University of Albany in 2014, orgasm frequency was highly correlated with orgasm intensity in heterosexual female college students. Also, masturbating makes you more familiar with exactly what your body needs in order to orgasm, which logically leads to stronger orgasms as you get better and better at it!

5. Yoga

While some yoga practitioners even report orgasms while they’re doing yoga, even non-orgasmic yoga can strengthen your orgasms. That’s because you’re simultaneously toning your muscles (particularly those leg ones) and getting your blood flowing, both of which contribute to greater sexual health and, therefore, potentially stronger orgasms.

6. Strengthen Your Inner Thighs And Abs

Urologist Jennifer R. Berman told Cosmo that both crunches and inner thigh exercises can contribute to stronger orgasms. Might be worth adding a few minutes to your workout for those extra strong orgasms, right?

7. Cardio

And of course, there’s always the classic cardio workout for getting your blood flowing — everywhere. Even just getting in as little as 10 minutes per day of cardiovascular exercise could help strengthen your orgasms.

8. Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls are the oldest of the old school sex toy, tracing back to ancient Japan. While the old school ones were made of metal and mercury, today’s balls are sans mercury and come in high tech versions, like these awesome LUNA Beads from LELO that also vibrate. Ooh la la! The balls strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and therefore can help make those orgasms stronger.

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