Is Michelle Finally Joining The 'Fuller House'?

By now, you've probably powered through Netflix's Fuller House over a weekend, and you're kind of, sort of, OK with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen not returning to the show. That is to say, you're not at all OK and, and never will be OK. Well, you're not the only one: everyone, from the cast to the fans, has felt the absence of Michelle Tanner. So, now, as the show has been solidified as a moderate success renewed for another season, I'm sure you're all wondering will the Olsen twins be in Fuller House Season 2? And I'm delighted to tell you that it's a definite... maybe.

On the Today Show this Thursday, John Stamos revealed that the door is still open for the Olsen Twins to jump aboard. Which is to say, Stamos is going to keep asking the Olsen Twins to join Fuller House . "They're totally welcome," Stamos told cohost Matt Lauer. "I was going to see Ashley last night and beg her to be on the show. We would love to have them. I know everyone would love to see them. I have a good feeling about it."

It's unclear where this "good feeling" is coming from, exactly... perhaps Stamos is basking in the show's success still, and hoping it'll be enough to sway the sisters. And, while I'd love to think that he's got it (dude), I just can't get optimistic right now. So far the Olsen twins have been adamant about not returning as the all-grown-up littlest Tanner sister, having taken a long hiatus from acting to work on their fashion lines Elizabeth & James and The Row.

Which isn't to say that Michelle's presence isn't all over the sitcom sequel. In the very first episode, with the show barely out the door, Fuller House joked about the Olsen Twins. Stephanie questions why her little sis isn't at the full house like, you know, every other person in the show (even Nicky and Alex, guys), and Danny replies, "Well, Michelle sends her love, but she's busy in New York running her fashion empire." Then everyone glares pointedly at the camera as the studio audience laughs uproariously.

So, you know, they are clearly missed.

At the end of the day, while I understand that even a small Michelle cameo would be major, this new iteration of the show clearly doesn't hedge on her presence. So far, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are making it on their own with a little help from the other seventeen people in their family. Throw in the invaluable addition Cosmo the dog, and I would say that the full house is certainly filled to the brim and doing aggressively fine without Michelle... just like the two ladies behind Michelle are doing aggressively fine without the show.

Still, it's good to know that the gang is ready to welcome the Olsens back with open arms. So stay tuned, because perhaps we haven't seen the last of Michelle Tanner after all.

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