You Can Now Play Matchmaker On Tinder — Or Share WTF Profiles With Your Friends

When you're swiping on Tinder and you think "Dear God I need to show someone this profile,"why did it happen? It's probably not because you want to show them an amazing potential partner, it's probably because you want to show them the dismembered abs riding a tiger whose interests include "rocking your world" and "playing sweet jams." To mock them. That's how you use Tinder. I say this having met my girlfriend there — I still think it's 90 percent for saying "WTF?!" with your friends. And as New York Magazine points out, there are a lot of crazy profiles out there and "That's a lot of individual screenshots to send."

But Tinder has other ideas. They want us to share profiles for good. A few users will now be able to try sharing profiles with friends so you can, according to their website, "play matchmakers." And maybe it'll work— I've certainly heard my friends say "Oh, he's more your type", and you occasionally see people you think your friend might be into. I've personally never had the urge to share it, but maybe if the app made it that easy then I would? That's the idea. Tinder's making it really, really easy to do.

Here's how it'll work, according to their site:

While swiping through potential matches, a small group of users may see the option to share a profile they come across. Tapping the ‘share’ icon will allow you to send a temporary link via text to a friend, and give them the ability to swipe on the profile you shared. The link will expire after five clicks or 72 hours — whichever comes first.

It's an interesting idea and if catches on would definitely change the way we use Tinder. But I'm still not convinced it would be 100 percent for matchmaking. Here's how I see sharing Tinder profiles working, in this order:

1. Making Fun Of People

Oh, you "Don't really know why I'm here LOL but I'm a cool guy haha and women never 'complain' if you know what I mean jkjk not really LOL FINANCE BEER PONG MALE PRIVILEGE." That one is getting shared.

2. You See Your Crush

"YESSSSS! This is that guy from work I told you he is single! What do I say?"

3. You See Your Ex

It will come with a lot of dark moon emoji and a lot of angst... and maybe a full blown spiral of sadness, depending on how long ago you broke up. Unless it's a terrible profile, in which case you can make fun of it.

4. You See Your Friend's Crush And/Or Ex

You have to be their wingwoman, even online.

5. Matchmaking

Let's be real, it'll probably be last on the list.

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