Anne Hathaway Hasn't Revealed Her Baby Name Yet, But A Huge Clue Was Spilled At The Baby Shower

Over the weekend, soon-to-be parents Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had a baby shower. With crowns and pink cookies galore, it looked like a fairy tale. But they're not the only Hollywood couple who celebrated a pregnancy this weekend. On Saturday, Anne Hathaway had her baby shower as well. The Les Misérables star announced in November 2015 that she's expecting her first child with her husband Adam Schulman. According to Us Weekly, she looked "relaxed and happy" at the backyard event, which was hosted at her manager's house.

Perhaps the best part of the entire thing is that Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves may have accidentally leaked some major baby details. She was spotted carrying in a pink basket filled with presents and monogrammed with the letter G. You know what that means right? It seems pretty likely that Hathaway is having a baby girl with a G name.

Of course, this is purely speculation, but why else would she gift Hathaway a present with that letter and color scheme? I'll be waiting to say "I told you so," as soon as the news officially breaks. In the meantime, here are my best guesses at what Hathaway and Schulman will name their future child.

1. Genovia

Any Princess Diaries fan knows this is the fictional country where Hathaway's beloved Mia Thermopolis reigns as a princess. What a nostalgic move it would be if she decided to name her daughter after a movie reference. I'm pretty sure fans (myself included) would cry happy tears.

2. Gloria

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In her upcoming movie Colossal, Hathaway's character is named Gloria, according to IMDb. Isn't that a pretty name? Plus it would be pretty great timing if her baby was born around the same time the movie was released. It would make 2016 a really glorious year for the star.

3. Goldie

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The inspiration for this guess is that gold get-up she's wearing in the above photo. Plus, maybe she would be named after Goldie Hawn. Hathaway starred in 2009's Bride Wars with Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson, so who knows — maybe they're close too.

4. Gail

She starred in 2004 movie adaptation of Ella Enchanted . Guess who wrote the book that inspired the film? Gail Carson Levine. Since it was one of her most memorable roles, Hathaway could very well name her baby after Levine.

5. Geraldine

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hathaway's dad is named Gerald. She could possibly be naming her daughter after him, but adding a feminine twist. That would be a totally sweet tribute.

Regardless of what they decide to name their daughter, my money is on Genovia. I'm sure all my fellow Princess Diary fans will agree.

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