What Potterheads Don't Get About Other Fandoms

In this day and age, it's difficult to come by someone who isn't at least a mild Harry Potter fan. Even so, there are some fandoms (The Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, Game of Thrones, as a few examples) that have captured some HP fans and given them an entirely new fandom to obsess over. This isn't a bad thing; in fact, I love being a part of multiple fandoms. However, there has yet to be a fandom that I love as much as Harry Potter, and there are some loyal Potterheads that just don't understand how loving anything more than HP is possible.

The Harry Potter fandom is still incredibly active, with theme parks, a brand new book on the way, updated info on Pottermore, and a fan fiction community that I'm convinced will still be actively writing 50 years from now. HP nerds have closets full of merchandise, wands at the ready, and an undying hope that someday we'll be able to attend Hogwarts. While every fandom has its own perks, Potterheads just can't understand some things about the way other fandoms work.

If you're a major Potterhead, you'll definitely be able to relate to these 7 things Harry Potter fandom members just don't understand about other fandoms:

1. How Other Fandoms Can Just Move On With Their Lives After The Hype Has Died Down

How can you just move on with your life now that all the movies are out and the books are done? Isn't your life consumed every waking moment by the idea of how your life would be if it were within the series? Granted, I understand not every fandom gets its own theme park, studio tour, coloring books, and updated book covers. If there's one way to describe Potterheads, it's that we're loyal until the very end, and there's nothing that could ever change it.

2. How Fandom Jokes Could Ever Get Old

I'm pretty sure Potterheads could watch the old and infamous HP parodies on YouTube until we're 90 years young. We'll laugh at every new and old HP comic that's created, tear up at the word "always," and forever repeat spells as if they'll actually work.

3. Why Other Fandoms Don't Obsess Over The Every Little Detail The Movie Adaptation Got Wrong

We know, the whole eye color issue was explained by Daniel Radcliffe not adjusting to the contacts very well, but it's still going to bother us until the end of time. Also, where in the world is Peeves?!

4. How Other Fandoms Could Go A Single Day Without Thinking About The Series

When Potterheads lose their keys, "Accio" is the first thing that comes out of their mouth. When we're stuck in traffic, we desperately wish our cars could fly. When our lives are complete messes, we think to ourselves, "What would Dumbeldore/Hermione/Harry do?" There's not a day in any HP fan's life where some tiny detail of magic doesn't cross our mind.

5. How Other Fandoms Don't Know Patience

From being tiny tots waiting for the next book (which took at least a year), to tiny adults waiting for the next movie (which could take up to two years), until now — full grown adults waiting for the newest HP book (for the record, we've waited so many years). We know how to wait, and we know that with patience comes incredible things. Meanwhile, it seems every other fandom gets instant gratification with two movies in one year!

6. Why Other Fandoms Learn Life Lessons Outside Of The Series

Harry Potter taught us that love is the most powerful thing in the world. We learned to be brave, loyal, kind, trustworthy, and strong from the series. We embraced our love of books from Hermione, our weirdness from Luna, our immature silliness from Ron, and our caring souls from Harry himself. These are only a few life lessons we've learned, and while many other fandoms have significant life lessons within their own series, for us, there's nothing that could ever compare to what we took away from Harry Potter.

7. Why Every Fandom Can't Just Get Along

We all have our disagreements, and maybe we don't wholeheartedly understand one another, but we're all passionate about the same thing: books. We befriend fictional characters, spend hours of our time worrying about said fictional characters, and love these books more than anything else in the world. Setting our differences aside, Potterheads know the power of love, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the fandom can get along with just about any other, without the help of Felix Felicis.

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