Here's Why I'll Never Give Up Wearing A Thong

As a young teenager, I used to be in awe of the girls in my middle school class who were wearing thongs before I even knew what a thong was. They seemed so mature — like they obviously didn't go underwear shopping with their moms. These were the ladies who also seemed to expertly do their makeup, sported their hair in the trendiest of styles, and seemed to have the dating scene down pat before I'd even experienced my first kiss.

Back then, thongs were like the holy grail of underwear and I couldn't wait until I, too, could, accidentally-on-purpose show off the band of a pair whenever I bent over (adolescence is a confusing time). Thongs seemed to imply body confidence, sexual autonomy, and maturity. But I was a late bloomer in those departments.

So when the time came and I was finally free to go panty shopping on my own as an older teen, I picked out the most beautiful thongs to caress my derrière. I couldn't wait to get home, put them on, and feel like a character out of Moulin Rouge! Even though these panties would prove to be amongst the most uncomfortable type of underwear I had ever worn in my life, I still felt a kindredness with them. To this day, I could never truly give them up. Here's why.

1. Certain Garments Are Easier To Wear With A Thong

There are a number of clothes that benefit from being accompanied by a thong. I admire people who go commando, but I personally don't feel comfortable without a pair of knickers on. When it comes to tight, low-rise jeans, jeggings, pencil skirts, or white trousers, a thong always gets me through the day with no uncomfortable panty lines.

2. They’re Great For Summer

You might not want to opt for a thong-style bikini (although if you do, please go for it). But you might want to consider sporting a thong underneath your summer clothes. Picture this: It's sweltering outside and you're wearing a clingy pair of granny pants. Sweat plus panties that swamp your butt cheeks just don't mix so well. Instead, a thong and a floaty skirt should help keep you nice and breezy through the hot summer months.

3. They Have A “Sexy” Rep

Most of us know that thongs have a sexy reputation. I would guess this is down to the lack of material and the way this style can reveal the wearer's glorious bottom. Whatever the reason, sporting a thong might just help you feel powerful and stunning — particularly if you're in a sexy situation.

4. They’re Super Light

Although granny panties are awesome and they reign supreme in terms of comfort, there's obviously way more material needed to create them than there would be for a thong. If you're going on vacation for a week or two, a collection of thongs will take up much less room in your luggage than a bunch of full-bottom knickers.

Thongs are also pretty useful if you're staying over at someone's place: You can pop one into your pocket or purse and have tons of room left over for your other essentials.

5. They’re Great For When You're Feeling Yourself

Ever wake up and just think, "Man, I look incredible today?" In those glorious moments, there is no better feeling than putting on your favorite thong and T-shirt, and having a solo dance-a-thon in the comfort of your own bedroom.

6. Certain Occasions Call For A Thong

There are certain occasions that basically demand a thong, like when you have to try on a wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, or formal attire of any kind. Chances are you'll want to see what the garment looks like sans panty lines, but you can't exactly go commando in the dressing room. In those moments, the thong will have your back.

7. Thongs Can Be Body Positive

The nature of a thong means your booty will be on show, but in a way you can control entirely. What could be more body positive than that? Whether you have dimples, cellulite, or stretch marks, you deserve to show off your wonderful bum in all its glory.

Ultimately, there are times when a pair of granny panties just won't cut it. And in all those moments? Your trusty thong will be there to save the day.

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Images: Andrew Zaeh, Isla Murray, Bianca Consuji/Bustle