'Vanderpump's Jax & Brittany Are Happier Than Ever

One of my favorite things about Vanderpump Rules is watching the evolution of its cast members. Four seasons ago, we saw very different versions of Stassi, Katie, Scheana, Jax, and the Toms navigating the murky waters of SUR, Hollywood, and reality television as a whole. They’re a lot better at reality television now, but are they better at everything else? I think that Jax Taylor, Vanderpump Rules' resident Lothario, has definitely had more successful relationships. He started things fast with his current girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, and although they’re in love, I have to ask the question — do Brittany and Jax still live together after Vanderpump Rules Season 4?

We've previously seen Jax have a hard time dealing with monogamy, whether he's in a relationship or not. He cheated on Stassi multiple times, he slept with Kristen Doute, and then he dated a string of women who knew that he would never settle down (Jax’s ex Carmen, to her credit, told him to get his life together, and she was totally right). But then Jax and Brittany met in Las Vegas, and before we knew it, Brittany was driving her car from Kentucky to West Hollywood and moving into Jax’s studio apartment. The relationship has experienced its ups and downs, and last we saw, Jax was talking about how smothered he felt because Brittany said that she wants to get married and have kids one day. Yikes, right?

It’s an issue of Jax’s own making. He told her to come out to Los Angeles and live in his apartment, he helped her get a job, and now it looks like he's starting to regret getting serious so quickly. Here’s what I don’t understand — Jax really seems like he loves Brittany, so why is he holding back? While I can’t answer that, I can say that, according to their social media profiles, these two are still in love and it seems likely that they are still living together. Neither has mentioned moving and they continue to appear in many photos together. In fact, Jax may have already moved past his hesitance with Brittany, as he told E! Online in February that marrying her is "definitely in the cards," though he also noted it would happen "in time."

Since it seems that Jax and Brittany are more serious than ever, I doubt they've stopped sharing a home — plus, would they really have been able to keep that under the radar? Here's what else the couple has been up to, which just shows that they came out of the rough patch we're seeing on Vanderpump Rules even stronger.

They Visited With Andy Cohen

Brittany made her Watch What Happens Live! debut recently, appearing with Andy Cohen and “pleading the Fifth” to questions about her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast members. Brittany’s officially been inducted to the show!

They Hung In Hawaii

The Vanderpump Rules team's vacation to Hawaii involved Jax stealing a pair of sunglasses, so that wasn’t exactly a success. But Jax and Brittany’s last voyage to Maui, which seemed to coincide with the court date where he accepted a plea deal for second-degree theft and apologized for the incident, involved couple’s massages and plenty of smooching, so I would say that follow-up trip went much better.

...Where They Chowed Down

This picture of Brittany at a crab house in Honolulu is my favorite for a few reasons — it’s fun and it shows that the couple is having fun and it makes me hungry. So much of a relationship is just finding fun in the mundane, and it seems here that Jax and Brittany are doing a good job of enjoying their time together.

The pair may have had a scuffle or two on Vanderpump Rules, but it sure seems like these lovebirds are still going strong.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy