Ben & Lauren Pull Another 'Bachelor' First

During the season finale of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison teased the "most dramatic finale ever" and it seemed he was going to deliver — by having Ben and his winner (who we now know to be Lauren) get married on live television during After The Final Rose. So, when it got to be that time of the show, Harrison sprung the surprise wedding option — along with the pastor from Ben's home town of Warsaw, Indiana — on the happy couple, but Ben and Lauren didn't get married on The Bachelor . Instead, Ben brought out his family as well as Lauren's and proposed to his already-fiancée on live TV.

It wasn't exactly the happily ever after those of us watching from home may have wanted from the night — especially since Harrison promised the "most dramatic finale ever" and it seemed like he was actually going to deliver on that promise for once. Of course, it was just last week when Ben said on the Women Tell All episode that he would marry his winner "tomorrow" if he had the chance. So, it looks like both Ben and Harrison were unable to put their money (or their Neil Lane wedding bands, as it were) where their mouths are.

Still, Ben re-proposing to Lauren was a nice way out of what could have been an extremely awkward situation — and Ben taking the engagement ring off of Lauren's finger to do so just reaffirms everything he's said throughout the season about not being very suave. But, although some of us may have been hoping to see a wedding tonight, maybe it's for the best that it didn't happen. (It certainly means Ben and Lauren could have a whole Bachelor special episode for their wedding!)

Plus, after Ben and Lauren announced they're moving in together as soon as their schedules will allow, I think they've taken enough steps in their relationship tonight.

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC