Ben & Lauren Are Defying 'Bachelor' Odds

If you're a fan of Bachelor Nation's newest couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, you'll be excited about what the pair said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Following The Bachelor finale, the pair stopped by the talk show to, well, talk about their post-show plans. And, one very important thing to note: Ben and Lauren are still together post-Bachelor, and they plan on being one of the few couples to stay that way. True, only one* other Bachelor has ever married his final pick and most break up within a few months, but Ben and Lauren are better than that, OK?

"I'm not worried," Lauren told Kimmel when he brought up the show's poor relationship track record. Ben chimed in to agree with his fiancée. "We woke up this morning; we're super excited for today," he said. "We looked at each other and we're like, 'Have you ever been concerned about the future?' And, not once has that crossed our mind. We both agreed that it's nothing we're concerned about."

So, there you have it. Granted they've only been together since November and only public for a matter of hours, but goshdarnit they're gonna make it work! In all seriousness, though, I do hope they make it down the aisle because I like to see successes on this show, and we need more than one. Here's hoping Ben and Lauren make it magical number two!

*OK, so Jason Mesnick is married, but not to his original choice, so he doesn't count.

Image: Levy Moroshan/ABC