Is ColourPop Restocking Its New Brow Products?

If the downtown L.A.-based, indie makeup brand ColourPop Cosmetics hasn't popped up on your radar yet, it should be doing so sooner than later and you better catch up. ColourPop's rise is meteoric, from its Jaime King Alchemy collabo to its Karrueche Tran collection to its Ultra Matte lipsticks. ColourPop launched brow products earlier this month and they are already sold out. That's because the products are quality, affordable, and on trend. The quick sell out is also indicative of how dedicated ColourPop fans, er, devotees are. ColourPop entered the brow game and customers instantly answered the call, gobbling up everything they could. Of course the brow products sold out, which leads to the next logical question. Will ColourPop be restocking them?

There is good news if you missed out on the first run, which dropped last Thursday, March 10. So, yeah, it didn't take long for the products to fly off the shelves, so to speak. The brand confirmed via its heavily trafficked Instagram feed that it will be replenishing the brow products. The brand is in the process of making more Brow Colours and Brow Pencils, which come in eight shades a piece. So be patient.

Below is the ColourPop Insta post letting hardcore fans know more brow help is on the way.

See, Kylie Lip Kits aren't the only makeup items that sell out on the quick. ColourPop didn't reveal the exact date that the brow restock will happen. We just know that it is happening. Keep updated on when the restock and on-sale will take place by following the ColourPop Instagram feed and by signing up for the newsletter updates on the site. That way, you are always in the know.

Fans were literally begging the brand, asking for an immediate restock in the comments section. There was a mix of frustration, excitement, and desperation as fans posted about shopping the brow products.

No matter your brow color, ColourPop has something for you and your eye framers. Again, relax. More are being made, so supply can meet the incredible demand.

Congrats to ColourPop for another successful launch.

Images: ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram (3)