11 People Rocking Navy Blue Hair Like Kylie Jenner

When spring comes around each year, there's a handful of consistent trends you can count on in the fashion and beauty world: Pastel shades, floral prints, lace, white denim, and lighter locks to name a few. So when Kylie Jenner rocked navy blue hair to a recent event, I was totally surprised.

Of course, I wasn't shocked to see Jenner sporting a new 'do, because she's always experimenting with different hairstyles, but I was amazed at the inky hue she'd picked. Dark, rich hair shades are usually favored during winter, or autumn at a push, so to spot Kylie wearing dark blue tresses on the approach to the first day of spring, was an unusual sight. But, how could we expect a fashion maverick like Kylie to play by the "rules" of fashion? She's burnt the rulebook and written her own multiple times, setting a great example for the rest of us in the process. Why should we be confined to what's in vogue? The short answer is: We shouldn't.

Kylie isn't the only one who's been spotted with a blue barnet recently. Karlie Kloss showcased a blue 'do to her Instagram fans recently, however it appears that her blue layers might not be so permanent. But, whether temporary or permanent, it's clear that people are becoming more confident in experimenting with different hair colors in different seasons. So rip up your own rulebook and take inspiration from these fabulous folks flaunting navy blue hair.

1. The Chic Blue Bob

There's not a hair out of place in this sophisticated bob and the navy blue color lends the look an added edge.

2. The Creative Short Style

This creative look is super contemporary and is complemented wonderfully by the model's makeup and piercings.

3. The Experimental Ends

If you don't want to go all the way, why not try dyeing your ends first to see if you like it? This way you can dip your toe into the blue hair trend.

4. The Textured Lob

A curly lob is always awesome, but the navy blue streaks in this style take it to the next level.

5. The Blue Blowout

This gorgeous, voluminous 'do would sit well in a modern day remake of Clueless .

6. The Cascading Curls

This playful dye job gives the wearer a majestic appeal; her navy mane gives her a lioness vibe with an ethereal edge.

7. The Sleek Mid-Length Locks

Can't decide to chop all your hair off or leave it long? Go somewhere in the middle and choose a luxe, navy blue hue.

8. The Modern Day Rapunzel

Go for an alternative take on super long tresses by dyeing them a deep blue. Pair with your favorite red lipstick and you're good to go!

9. The Trick Of The Light

Experimental gals can go for shades that are illuminated in certain lights, so your dye job is always exciting.

10. The Navy Amélie Style

Put a contemporary spin on Amélie Poulain's cutesy look with a short, navy style.

11. The Shiny Navy Hairstyle

Just because you're dyeing your hair an "unnatural" shade, doesn't mean it can't be healthy – check out this gal's lustrous tresses for proof.

Take inspiration from these fashion forward folks and their beautiful, navy hairstyles and put your own stamp on this ethereal hair trend.

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