Kim Kardashian's Easter Kimoji Can Be Used For More Than Just Holiday Convos

Ever since I first downloaded the Kimoji app, it's been the gift that keeps on giving. Around Valentine's Day, Kim Kardashian added more festive options to choose from, including an assortment of sassy candy hearts. Now, she's back at it again, just in time for another holiday. On Thursday, Kardashian unveiled Easter Kimoji and they're the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit, if you're celebrating. But even if you're not Christian or religious, there are quite a few that can come in handy for other purposes, like if you're just really craving chocolate bunnies.

In all seriousness, it's pretty awesome that the Kimoji app keeps getting updated. It felt like iPhone users had to wait forever to get any new ones on the iOs emoji keyboard. (That taco emoji was a long time coming!) Meanwhile, Kardashian is giving fans more options than they ever imagined. For Easter specifically, there are colorful eggs, a chocolate bunny, and two different glass windows featuring Jesus. She also put her face on a dollar bill.

If you're like me and instantly updated your app to get the new options, I've rounded up various scenarios to use the new Kimoji. Because the holiday is right around the corner and the texting possibilities are endless.

1. When You're Just Really Egg-cited

Sorry, not sorry — I can't resist a good Easter pun. This also comes in handy if you want to ask your friends to come over and dye eggs.

2. When You Spend The Morning In Church

If someone asks where you are Sunday morning, this may be the answer.

3. When You're Asked Who You Want To See On The $20 Bill

Maybe you're rooting for Kim K to make a cameo on the $20 bill. If so, these are the Kimoji for you.

4. When You're Explainingr What The Holiday Is Really About

Despite all the candy and bunnies, Easter is a religious holiday about rebirth. Kardashian included Kimoji that capture the true meaning of the holiday.

5. When Someone Asks What You're Eating On Sunday

Candy, candy, and more candy.

6. When Someone Asks Your Favorite Kind Of Bunny

Forget actual bunnies. Even though they're adorable, chocolate trumps all.

7. When You're Feeling Philosophical

The eternal question: What came first — the chick(en) or the egg?

8. When You're Picturing Your Dream Easter Basket

Gold eggs, money, and chocolate bunnies = Easter basket goals.

9. When You Want To Wish Your Kardashian-Obsessed Friend A Happy Holiday

Everybody has that friend who can't get enough of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So what better way to celebrate than a Kim K with bunny ears?

Feeling inspired? Now go out and send all the chocolate bunny Kimoji that your heart desires.

All Images: KIMOJI