27 Weird Things The Beauty Obsessed Have Done In The Name Of All Things On Fleek

In this world, there exist plenty of weird things we do for beauty. From smearing slimy black creams across our faces for clearer skin, to perching on the sink counter to get as close to the mirror as possible in order to pluck that one microscopic hair, there's not a whole lot many of us would say no to if it means feeling good.

I am a prime example of someone who can't say no to any kind of beauty technique or trick, no matter how downright weird it may sound. I've waxed off most of my eyebrows in the search of entering the realms of "on fleek," and I've even chilled skincare in my fridge. These are not particularly usual practices, yet my curiosity has led me to research their effectiveness in making me feel and look cute.

From my experiences, we're all guilty of a few peculiar beauty habits. Everyone looks like an oddball in sheet masks, and you'd think we'd be a little more hesitant to poke our eyeballs with eyeliner pencils than we are. But we still do these things, because, well, there isn't much we beauty-lovers wouldn't do.

So without further ado, here are 27 things the beauty-obsessed have likely done in the name of the game. They say that beauty is pain. I say it's pain and doing the weirdest things.

1. Hold Burning Hot Tools Dangerously Close To Our Skin

From flat irons to curling irons, hot tools get very, um, hot. Yes, they can burn you. And yes, it will hurt a lot. But hey, at least your hair will look absolutely fabulous.

2. Use Bleach

Manic Panic Flash Lightening Hair Bleach Kit, $12.99, manicpanic.com

It's permanent, it's tricky, and it can totally damage our manes. Yet we still keep coming back to it. Darn you, bleach.

3. Spend Ungodly Amounts Of Money On Beauty Products

Cle De Peau Synactif Cream, $1,000, cledepeaubeaute.com

Only $1,000 for a 1.4 ounce eye cream? Might as well start saving.

4. Smear Questionable Stuff On Our Face

This snail face mask will take away the redness on my skin. This vampire cream will keep my skin looking young. This feces-based cream will fight my acne. You get the picture.

5. Look Like A Mess While Sporting A Sheet Mask

There's nothing like a good old sheet mask to keep the burglars away. Ahem, I mean, to revitalize and nourish my skin.

6. Cut Our Own Hair

And then go to the salon to get it fixed, only lie to the stylist by saying your cousin did it. They know, trust me. They know.

7. Glue Things To Our Eyelashes

Who decided it was a good idea to glue fake eyelashes onto our existing ones? While the concept totally baffles me, there's no doubt people love it.

8. Put Pointy Objects Dangerously Close To Our Eyeballs

That newly sharpened eyeliner pencil looks like it'd be a great tool to place right into my eyeball.

9. Use Wax

There's no denying waxing is a quick and effective way for hair removal. But is the excruciating pain really worth it? I'll let you decide.

10. Shave

Shaving might seem like a pretty normal practice, but why are we trying to get rid of natural hair anyway? Keep the scary razor blades away from my skin, please and thank you.

11. Use Contraptions That Look Like Torture Devices

e.l.f. Eyelash Curlers, $3.00, elfcosmetics.com

Here's looking at you, eyelash curlers.

12. Sit Really Close To The Mirror

If I get just one inch closer, my face will be completely squished onto my mirror. But if I get half-an-inch closer, I might finally be able to pluck out that one unibrow hair...

13. Find Your Angles In The Mirror

While simultaneously perfecting your smile, or placing your hair just right, or looking for any bats in the cave.

14. Spend 40 Minutes Perfecting Your Eyeliner

Eyeliner is an art that cannot be rushed. So you better believe I spent 40 minutes getting totally perfect cat eye wings, and every minute of it was worth it.

15. And Hours On The Rest Of Your Makeup

Again, totally worth it.

16. And Lie About It

Oh, this totally intricate, on-trend, skilled, and multi-step makeup look? I just threw it on! It was like a three minute makeup tutorial type of thing.

17. Buy A Million Different Red Lipsticks

And use each and every one of them for a unique purpose. That's right, they're not all the same. And yes, I love and appreciate them all for different reasons.

18. Hoard Beauty Products In General

So you're telling me that if I have a book case full of makeup, a closet of hair products, and a large dresser loaded with skincare, I must be a beauty hoarder? OK, maybe I get it.

19. Do Whatever Is Necessary To Get The Best Lighting Possible

Even if I have to crouch in a corner, use a tiny mirror, and hold a light bulb over my head, I will find the best light for makeup application.

20. Use Any One Of These Tools

Weird makeup tools, or uniquely-designed vibrators? You tell me.

21. Pop A Zit Just For The Satisfaction

There's really nothing like the feeling of successfully popping a zit. Extra props if it squirts onto the mirror. Dr. Pimple Popper, aka dermatologist Sandra Lee, would be proud of your commitment to a flawless foundation for your makeup.

22. Sleeping In Your Makeup On Purpose

If Kim Kardashian does it, it must be worth trying, right?

23. Not Taking A Shower On Purpose

The only real approach to getting that on-trend, effortlessly dirty look is by, well, not showering.

24. Or Taking A Shower More Than Once A Day

For those days when you just can't seem to get clean.

25. Apply Strategically Placed Zit Cream And Sleep With It On

Pro: Your zits will have practically disappeared by the time you wake up. Con: You're inevitably going to be scared of yourself in the mirror when you're still half asleep. The pro definitely outweighs the con.

26. Try Out Weird Challenges

Need I remind you of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? Although I'd love to say we learned something from that experience, I'm not totally sure.

27. And Deny All Of It

All that? No, I don't do that. Not at all.

Well, OK. I do. But hey, we all have our own unique beauty routines. No matter how weird, crazy, or outrageous they might seem, all that matters is that we look and feel our best — whatever that means person to person.

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Images: Melodi Erdogan; Courtesy Brands