Heidi Montag Reveals She's “Changed A Lot” Since ‘The Hills’, So Here’s What She’s Up To Today

Even though MTV's The Hills ended in 2010, fans still can't get enough of the reality series, especially when it comes to news about couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. They provided most of the entertainment on The Hills and are clearly still doing something right, because fans are still interested in their whereabouts today. Well, Heidi gave Bustle an update on her life today, and if you're wondering, yes, she is living a truer life now that The Hills is behind her.

"I think I've changed a lot," the 29-year-old says. "I think I'm a lot stronger of a person than I was on The Hills." A lot went down when Heidi was starring on the reality series that made her famous. From her friendship with Lauren Conrad to the all of the Spencer drama to that famous scene after Heidi got plastic surgery and revealed the results to her mom, Darlene Egelhoff, she had many memorable moments.

It's no secret that The Hills wasn't 100 percent reality. In addition to both Heidi and Spencer opening up about it being scripted, so has Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari. With that, I think it's hard for fans to decipher between TV Heidi and real Heidi.


She says of the real Heidi today,

I think I've been through a lot both on and off camera. I'm a little bit tougher. (laughs) Also, I'm more true to my self and I'm not afraid to be who I am. I just enjoy my life and not apologize for it. I think that I've become stronger within myself and have more forgiveness and more love towards myself, which is important, and just focusing on what's really important and not other things, like fame or money or success. I really concentrate on my values and my family and prioritize that.

It's safe to say her reality TV experience made Heidi a stronger person and pushed her to become more loyal to herself. She appears to be in a better and healthier place, especially in her marriage with Spencer. Can you believe they've already been married for seven years? It just seems like yesterday L.C. showed up at the wedding and surprised Heidi in the process.

"I'm just kind of a housewife," she says about her life with Spencer. "I have a lot of dishes to do, a lot of laundry, a lot of chores that I do." In addition to that, Heidi is also currently starring in Lifetime's The Mother/Daughter Experiment, where she and her mom work on all of their issues that fans probably recall from their days on The Hills.

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As for whether or not Heidi will produce anymore music, at the moment she has no plans to do so. "I think after spending a million dollars of my own money that the music is on hold as of right now, for sure," she says. "But, I do love music and I really did enjoy making Superficial and those songs. In a dream world, I would love to, but I'm just not sure that's very realistic."

She also isn't keen on setting up any kind of fundraising page at either Kickstarter or GoFundMe. "I think I tried that for a day and it didn't really work," she admits. "I don't really want to take peoples money. I'm sure for some things it's good, but for me personally, I don't think I would feel comfortable doing that."

As disappointing as that may be for some, all that matters is Heidi seems to be doing well and is living a happy — and more true — life.

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