14 Cute Pictures Of Ben & Lauren That Will Convince Even The Most Cynical 'Bachelor' Fan Of Their Love

It’s a major bummer that Monday nights are no longer dedicated to watching Ben Higgins find love on The Bachelor , but on the bright side, he’s found love and I could not be more thrilled that he gave his final rose to Lauren Bushnell. It’s no surprise that after months of having to keep quiet, newly engaged couple Lauren and Ben are flaunting their perfect relationship on social media and I can't blame them. They really are the perfect couple, I don’t think any one can argue otherwise. If you don’t believe me, I found 14 photos of them that are so adorable, by the end of this you won’t be questioning their love or the way they found it.

After the emotional Bachelor season finale, Ben and Lauren jetted off to New York for post-season interviews and living the city life for a week. After that they flew to Indiana and spent time with his family. How do I know all of this? Because these two are actively updating us on social media. Of all the former Bachelor Nation couples, I have a strong feeling that these two will make it last in this crazy world!

1. Lauren Feeding Ben

Nothing’s cuter than when she fed her man grilled cheese.

2. Hanging In Indiana

Ben snapped a photo with his two favorite women.

3. Just Being Goofballs

These two look perfect even when they’re joking around!

4. This Intimate Moment

Lauren looks super in love while Ben kisses her forehead. Aww!

5. Lauren Showing Off That Massive Ring

If this is what they look like in regular photos, I can’t even imagine what their engagement snapshots will be like.

6. Their Titanic Moment

I’m the king of the world!

7. With The Family

That’s one good-looking set of couples.

8. Chilling With Jimmy Kimmel

You can’t be an official Bachelor couple until you’ve hung out with Jimmy Kimmel.

9. Celebrating Their Engagement

Lauren’s number one!

10. Dressing Up

The promote charity in some sweet costumes.

11. Popping Champagne

Selfies and champagne are clearly in order when you fall in love.

12. A #TBT To When They Hot Tubbed In The Middle Of Nowhere

An adorable reminder of their first date together.

13. This Paparazzi Moment

All hail Ben and Lauren.

14. Finally, This Photo:

All of the feels. Like Elan said, “No words needed.”

Image: ABC/Rick Rowell