Rihanna Wore This For Easter & Slayed

While millions of people all over the world dye eggs on Easter Sunday, leave it to Rihanna to dress for the occasion in her own cool as a cucumber, but DGAF way. Just a few hours before her concert on Sunday night, Rihanna wore a rainbow tracksuit that took the "past" out of pastel and made it fashion forward. Isn't it about time that we got RIH-mojis for this sort of outfit?

Of course, this is the almighty Rihanna that we're talking about, so it's not like she just stepped out in ombre sweats for a casual walk in NYC. She paired her prism-inspired ensemble with yellow Moschino sunglasses that would make Sir Elton John proud and completed the look with nude, cap-toe heels. So fab.

If Rih's rainbow tracksuit is any indication of how she's feeling, then the festive spirit of her getup must mean that she's in a really good place. Not only is her song "Work" topping the charts for six weeks, but her ANTI tour has received awesome reviews as well as its own viral video to boot.

I think that we can all agree that Rihanna's slaying in this rainbow tracksuit. It was obviously compared to an Easter egg, but her colorful outfit reminded me of other things such as:

1. This Bagel

Like Rihanna, this magical twist on the breakfast staple is the talk of the town.

2. The World of Lisa Frank

We all know Rih loves a '90s fashion moment.

3. A Furby

Yep, still creepy (the toy, not Rihanna's outfit).

4. Rainbow Sherbet

Go shawty, it's sherbet day!