This May Be The Key To Getting More Tinder Matches

There is a lot of connection between body language and attraction. By looking at the way people lean in towards each other, where their toes point, even their pupils, you can get an idea of the dynamic between the two — and whether or not they're attracted to each other. But it turns out that body language can be important even when you're not physically with the other person — like in your online dating profile when you're trying to get more Tinder matches.

Recent research from UC Berkeley shows that open body language, such as uncrossed arms or legs or a stretched torso, can boost your appeal to potential romantic partners both online and offline — in speed dating and online dating profiles, according to The Daily Dot. So if you want to increase your matches, you may want to start looking at the body language of your photos — they may be the difference between a left or right swipe.

In terms of a Tinder-type setting, they set up 12 dating profiles (half men and half women), with both open and closed body language. The profiles gained 3,000 "yes" responses between them over 48 hours, and the researchers then studied the distribution of yes responses and found that there were significantly more positive responses to the open body language.

According to Medical Daily:

The researchers found online dating profiles featuring photos depicting expansive body posture were 27 percent more likely to elicit a 'yes' response. Although open postures increased 'yes' responses for both genders, they were more effective in garnering a match for men than for women.

This may be because such body language was linked to being perceived as more dominant. "An expansive pose can covey social dominance, where an individual stands in the social hierarchy, and how many physical and social resources they have," MedicalDaily reports.

Study author Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk advised that this should translate to your first date as well, saying, "Having an open posture communicates a lot. Confidence, high self-esteem, being open, and being relaxed."

Still struggling for right swipes? Here are other ways to stand out on Tinder:

1. Wear A Color

It turns out black and white are the most popular colors to wear in your Tinder photos — by a lot. So if you wear something bright, it's going to break the monotony of swiping them and make people take a second look.

2. Have A Bio

There are too many blank profiles. If you can add something funny or interesting in your bio, it means you're going to get more people that respond to that specifically — not only will it get you more attention, it'll get you matches you're more likely to have something in common with.

3. Avoid Checklists

Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of dating app The League tells Bustle that even though you should have a bio, avoid "a sterile checklist that scares people off," which makes sense. To me, those checklists just look a bit rigid and negative — not approachable at all, even if you're someone who matches all the requirements. Who wants requirements? Some self-deprecation or an interesting tidbit will get you way further.

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