An Update On Scott Disick's Dating Life

Last year was a dark time for all who love Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian together, and I am one of them. But fortunately, in 2016, things may actually start looking up. Earlier this week, Kardashian and Disick joked they're back together, but even if they were just kidding, they're definitely a lot closer to a romantic reunion than they've ever been before. Except there's one problem: Wasn't Disick recently dating someone? A big factor in figuring out the plausibility of Mason, Penelope, and Reign's parents living happily ever after is whether or not their dad is single right now, so this is an important question to answer. Are Scott Disick and Christine Burke still dating? Were they ever actually together to begin with? What is going on?!

Disick was first rumored to be dating the Kendall Jenner lookalike earlier this year, when they were spotted out and about together in paparazzi pics. Since then, they've shared Instagram posts from the same locations at the same time, which definitely lends a little credence to the idea that they could be dating, even though their relationship was never confirmed. But they haven't been seen together in public for at least two weeks, and even then, it was entirely possible they were just friends. And as far as their social media profiles go, there's no evidence that they're together there, either.

There's nothing too incriminating about this photo. They're not even holding hands. This could totally be a friend thing... or even an acquaintance thing. Based on the information that's available, I'd say it's safe to assume that Disick and Burke aren't still dating — if they ever really were to begin with. And I want to believe they weren't, because Burke looks just too much like Jenner. She's gorgeous, true, but I can't see Disick going for a woman who looks so much like someone who's been like a little sister to him for so long.

Since he and Kardashian officially parted ways last year, Disick's been rumored to have dated several different women, and like most situations like this, a serious relationship hasn't seemed to come of it. Maybe it's because Disick is too busy improving himself to bring someone new into his life full time? Maybe he's still in love with Kardashian, like he said he was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians last season? No matter what the reason, I hope he's finally in a better place. His health and happiness are most important!

And as for whether or not Disick and Kardashian are actually getting back together, since it does seem like he's single? I don't have a definitive answer for that one, even though I want to believe it could (and will) happen. A partnership like theirs is way too adorable to lose forever.