This Is The Best Time To Have Sex

by Emma McGowan

Some people like to do it in the morning; some will only do it at night; and some people know the truth — that afternoon sex is the greatest. This is a discovery that I made relatively late into my explorations of sex, namely when I started dating a guy who also worked from home and my schedule was suddenly totally mine to control. While we both obviously have to make sure our work gets done every day, it’s awesome to have the freedom to have sex at three in the afternoon if we want to have sex at three in the afternoon.

Personally, I’ve never understood morning sex, except for people who wake up with boners because like, yes, that probably should be taken care of before you go about your day. But as person who doesn't have boners, the last thing I want when I wake up is to be amorous. I want, in descending order: A cup of strong coffee, breakfast, a toilet, and a toothbrush. Not a penis or someone else’s mouth or vagina coming anywhere near me.

Likewise, I’m basically a grandma (even though I’m not yet 30), so by bed time I’m usually pretty tired. I’m happy to curl up with my book and give my partner some cuddles but you can bet my eyes are firmly closed by 10 p.m. I work hard during the day and a romp is often the last thing on my mind just before bed.

But afternoon sex? Here are five reasons why I’m all about it.

1. You’re Not Too Tired

Mornings? Tired. Nights? Tired. Afternoons? Just right. You’ve had your coffee and your food and you’re not yet totally worn out from being an awake human for an entire day.

2. You’ve At Least Gotten A Start On Your To-Do List

As a freelancer, my day is dictated by a list of tasks I need to accomplish, not a time clock, and by mid afternoon I’ve checked off a good number of those tasks and am ready for a break. However, even non-freelancers can relate to this point. Think about weekends, when you probably have errands and other not fun things you have to take care of before you can get down to getting down. Perfect time, right?

3. After Lunch Is Perfect Nap Time!

I don’t know about you, but sex makes me so sleepy. Late afternoon is a perfect time for a lovely little post-orgasmic cat nap.

4. You Have Time To Get Worked Up Beforehand

If you know you’re going to be doing it in the afternoon, you have plenty of time to think about the sex you’re about to have or watch porn or read erotica or do whatever it is you do to get turned on. Can’t say that for morning sex, can you?

5. It’s A Special Treat

For most people — even us happy go lucky freelance couples — both halves of the pair having time to do it in the afternoon is definitely a special treat. It’s called afternoon delight for a reason, right?

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