Whose Side Is Scarlet Witch On In ‘Captain America: Civil War’? The Powerhouse Could Seriously Tip The Scales

Now that Batman and Superman have slugged it out at the box office, it's time to turn attention toward the next superhero battle, and that's Captain America: Civil War. The newest film from Marvel promises a battle that will make the Batman v Superman look like a polite disagreement, as entire teams of superheroes will be going at it. The Marvel cinematic universe is essentially split down the middle, with half falling in line behind Captain America and the rest supporting the cause of Iron Man. But on which Civil War team is Scarlet Witch?

Steve Rogers should be pretty happy, because Scarlet Witch will be in his corner fighting for Team Cap in the film. The reason why this is so important is because she is probably, nay, definitely the most powerful participant in the battle (Vision might give her a run for her money, but my bet's still on Wanda Maximoff). The mutant, err, miracle, has powers that haven't been clearly defined in the movies yet, but so far, her ability to move objects with her mind, shoot concussive energy blasts, and influence people's thinking are all enough to put her a cut above the rest of the combatants. But I don't think fans have seen all she can do yet.

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel Comics. Her powers are generally defined as the ability to warp reality through the use of chaos magic hexes. What does that mean exactly? Well, it was originally presented as a way of her manipulating probability. Like if a villain were going to shoot her with a gun, she could cast a hex that would cause the gun to misfire, or something to that effect. In recent years however, the character's powers have grown substantially, so much so that in the 2005 storyline "House of M", she was able to alter reality to the extent of stripping nearly all mutants in the world of their power.

There are no mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Fox owning the rights to the X-Men, but that's beside the point. Scarlet Witch is still ridiculously powerful, with almost limitless potential. Her presence on Team Cap should more than make up for the imbalance of power between the teams caused by Team Iron Man having not only the ironclad warrior, but other heavy hitters like War Machine, Spider-Man, and Vision. Speaking of Vision, he and Scarlet Witch being on different teams should be interesting as well, since the two of them have quite a history in the comics.

Believe it or not, Scarlet Witch and Vision were husband and wife for many years in the comics. They even had children together, which were later retconned as being a product of Wanda's reality altering powers and not actually real. It's unclear if a romance between the characters will develop in the movies, but one of the trailers did make a point of showcasing a battle between the two, meaning they will have some one on one time in the film.

So thanks to her great power, Scarlet Witch is going to make a fantastic addition to Team Cap, and she might just hold the key to turning the tide in the Civil War.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Marvel Comics; giphy.com