9 April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Roommate

Have you looked at your calendar lately? If not, let me fill you in — April Fools' Day is here, my friends, and as such, those who you hold near and dear to your heart 364 days of the year are, for 24 miserable hours, your worst enemies. Whether it's April Fools' Day pranks to play on your roommates, your best friends, your coworkers, or for the braver among us, your boss, the Internet has no shortage of ideas when it comes to pulling a fast one over everyone you cross paths with on this most bonkers day of the year. But, when you live with someone (or multiple people, for that matter), pulling a prank is especially tempting. I mean, it's just too easy.

Living with a roommate means, for better or for worse, you are familiar with every single aspect of that person's daily routine. Not only that, you have access in a way most people don't. I don't suggest rummaging through their nightstand drawer, or anything — April Fools' Day or not, personal space is still something that should generally be respected — but you can use your shared living quarters to your advantage, if you're the type who enjoys watching someone pour themselves a cup of day-old coffee out of what they thought was a fresh pot (but more on that in a minute). Here are nine pranks to play on your roommate this year. Just a warning, though: try one of these tricks, and your roommate might just play one back on you.

1. Switch her closet out with yours

You guys are cool about sharing clothes, but how will she feel when she finds out her entire wardrobe has been swapped out with yours? The night before, remove all the clothes from your closet. Then, the morning of April 1 when your roommate is in the shower, quickly proceed to transfer all of your clothes into her closet, and take her clothes back with you. When she goes to pick out something to wear, it'll take her a second to realize that it's really your stuff she's looking at — but once she does, she'll figure out what happened pretty quickly. Harmless, yet hilarious.

2. Make a pot of "fresh" coffee

This is a prank that is without a doubt cruel, but it's definitely effective. Make a pot of coffee the day before when your roommate isn't home, and hide it someplace where it can sit out all night. Then the next morning, put the pot in its usual spot, and tell your roommate you just made it. Watch her pour herself a cup, take a first sip, and then make sure you get out of her way, because there is a 100 percent chance she's spitting stale coffee all over the kitchen counter.

3. Make soap that doesn't lather

It's a classic trick for a reason. For this master trick, simply coat your roommate's bar of soap with clear nail polish, and put it in its usual place. When she goes to lather up, she won't be able to — and she won't be able to figure out why.

4. Make it impossible for her to get inside her room

RyanWaechter on YouTube

This prank is inspired by a coworker of mine, who actually had to deal with this trickery after her crafty roommate pulled it on her last year. While your roommate is away, line her bedroom from wall to wall with disposable plastic cups, so that there isn't any visible floor space. Then, shut the door behind you. When your roommate comes home and tries to get into her room, she'll have to struggle to open the door — and once she finally makes it in, she'll have to pick up a million cups to even get to her bed. Brilliant.

5. Put a fake spider in the refrigerator

Have any leftover Halloween decorations hanging around? Grab a black plastic spider (or two), and place it in the fridge right where she keeps her day-old takeout. Watch chaos ensue as she goes to heat up her dinner. Not only is this incredibly simple, it's also incredibly effective.

6. Mention that your long-distance boyfriend is coming to visit... indefinitely

Your roommate is totally cool with your significant other spending a night or two when they come to visit, but a whole week? A whole month? Inform her that bae is coming to visit indefinitely, and watch as she pretends not to be annoyed. This is even more hilarious if you're currently single. She'll be so baffled by the random mention of your new beau, she won't even know which questions to start asking first.

7. Text to say your landlord called, and you're being temporarily relocated because of a bed bug infestation

For apartment renters, there is seriously nothing in the world that is more terrifying. Text your roommate while she's at work to say you received a call from your landlord, and you need to evacuate immediately. Expect her to call you back in a panic in three, two, one......

8. Hide the toilet paper

One of the most egregious roommate fails is to not replace the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. For this April Fools' Day trick, switch out the TP with an empty roll, and make sure to hide replacement rolls you normally keep under the sink in your room. Laugh maniacally at your own genius. Warning: no matter how chill your roommate normally is, this will inspire her to seek revenge.

9. Swap out her framed photos with silly pictures of you

The TP trick feels too brutal, huh? No worries. While your roommate is gone, subtly replace all of the framed photographs she has in her room with pictures of you. This one will take her a while to notice — and when she finally does, she'll probably think it's hilarious. Hey, she might even keep a framed pic of your mug around to remind herself of how brilliant you are. Because you know what? You are brilliant.

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