How Much Are Kylie Glosses On eBay? It Might Be Worth Waiting For A Restock

It was no surprise that less than an hour after it launched, the entire line of Kylie Glosses sold out just like the Kylie Lip Kit — its predecessor or older sister, if you will. But soon after selling out, Kylie Jenner's trio of glossy lippies made their way to eBay, where a search for "Kylie Gloss" already had more than a thousand active listings as of press time. So, how much are Kylie Glosses on eBay? While some of the pricing could be deemed fair, the majority of the listings bordered on highway robbery, IMHO.

The eBay listings ranged from individual auctions for each of the three gloss colors, named Like, Literally, and So Cute. The advertised prices for these auctions started at the "Buy It Now" price of $58 each, which was almost four times as much as their original price of $15. RIDIC. I guess this is expected when it comes to how much people have sold Kylie Lip Kits on eBay ever since it launched. Another listing that I came across was for the three-pack of Kylie Glosses that was originally sold for $45, but was listed for $350. Talk about a mark-up!

Now, I get that fans who missed out on the launch of the Kylie Glosses trio are given a second chance at scoring one of these before anyone else. I read the Twitter reactions to the Kylie Glosses launch and saw a range of emotions come to light, whether it's from the excitement over the new glosses or the frustration of not getting a restock of the eight Lip Kit shades. But part of me hopes that even the most loyal Kylie fan will think twice before paying triple the amount (or more) for her products on eBay.

With Kylie Lip Kit restocks happening more often — Jenner promised a matte restock next week — it's a better idea to wait and try your luck with buying a Kylie Cosmetics product at the original price.

Image: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram