How Has The Kylie Cosmetics Website Changed? These New Features Make Shopping Easier

When it comes to expanding her empire, Kylie Jenner’s already got the hang of it. Since it first launched, the Kylie Cosmetics website has improved, and fans are definitely taking notice. Delivering incredible lip products through an easy-to-use platform is all in a day’s work for Jenner. What else would you expect, you know?

One person reached out on Twitter to tell Jenner, “I just bought all #Kylieglosses, awesome job at improving the website. Went so smoothly.” Given that the site has been known to have issues in the past due to the overwhelming amount of users trying to purchase at one time, the fact that the platform has become even easier to navigate and more capable of handling the mass amounts of people logging onto it at one time is huge. Like I said, Jenner has got a knack for creating an empire, and she sure does listen to her fans.

Considering she plans to continue to expand the Kylie Cosmetics brand, it’s great to see that she’s got things under control. The launch of her new line of glosses was a great test run to see how she’ll handle adding even more products. And by the sounds of it, she passed this test with flying colors, which is incredible news for all of us Lip Kit/gloss fanatics.

An easier way to shop these lippies is great for my pout, but not necessarily for my wallet. Oh, Kylie, you kill me.

Find out seven ways the Kylie Cosmetics website has only gotten better with time:

1. New Scrolling Feature

You can easily access all of the Kylie Cosmetics products and even watch the latest product video by simply scrolling through the homepage. No tricks here, just easy location of the best lip products around. Now, that's my kind of service.

2. Separate Product Sections

If you don't have time for scrolling, you can also easily access the glosses or the matte lipsticks by clicking on their separate tabs. It's not too big of an issue at the moment, but having separate sections for products as the line continues to grow will be an excellent feature.

3. Bundled Products

For the first time, shades were bundled together when she released her Kylie Glosses, which made purchasing each and every color you wanted super simple. This is a great way to help keep the site from crashing, I'd imagine. Plus, is makes for a very rewarding shopping experience. So, let's hope she only continues to lump shades together.

4. VIP Email

With the option to sign up for a VIP emailing service, you can get updates on product and launch information. You can also easily access your account where your billing info, etc. is saved. This makes check out so much quicker!

5. Store Information Tab

The "Store Information" tab makes it easy to locate shipping info and more, so you'll be informed about every step of the purchasing process.

6. Access Ads

If you're looking for a way to watch any new videos or product advertisements, it looks as though Kylie Cosmetics will be the place to go. Right now, you can view the video for her lip glosses, and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.

7. Less Crashing


With the bundled package and the option to save your address and billing info, there's no doubt that it's getting easier and easier to purchase these lippies without any problems. And a seamless checkout system is just the kind of thing you'd expect from a Jenner brand, now, isn't it?

A simple way to shop is just another way Jenner's continuing to impress us. All hail King Kylie, am I right?


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