Will The Kylie Lip Kits Come In 3 Packs? The Sold Out Kylie Glosses Paved The Way

Just like that, Kylie Jenner scored another beauty bestseller. Today's highly anticipated Kylie Glosses release not only debuted three shiny new colors in the Kylie Cosmetics line — Like, Literally, and So Cute — but it was also the first time that the brand sold three shades in one combo package. In fact, the 3 pack of Kylie Glosses sold out faster than the individual glossies, which had some fans wondering will the Kylie Lip Kits come in 3 packs eventually? Judging by today's successful release, the matte Lip Kit shades are due for this treatment.

First, let's break down how Jenner priced her glossy lip products. Each individual color was sold for $15 each, but the combination of all three retailed for $45. While the next Kylie Lip Kit restock is just a few days away, one hopes that the company will release the previously sold out shades like 22, Kourt K, etc. as 3 pack sets. In a previous post, I mentioned how packaging them this way will allow fans to mix and match their Lip Kit colors (matte and glossy), as well as stock up on their favorite lippies without having to buy it with the lip liner every time.

Plus, check out how amazing the Kylie Glosses look when they arrive in one package. The original Lip Kits should also come in 3 pack sets like this.

A few days ago, the company posted a stunning photo for Easter that featured three Lip Kit colors:

They've also teased Lip Kit combos before, like the "Valentine's Collection" below:

And let's not forget that the whole Kylie Lip Kit revolution began with three original shades:

I think that the world is ready for 3 pack Kylie Lip Kits, don't you?