In A 'Dawson's Creek' Revival Joey & Pacey Would Have Broken Up Already

I am obsessed with Dawson's Creek. I have a Dawson's Creek fan club mug on my shelf, and a box set of novelizations of the series. My love for the show is real. I cried for approximately an hour when the series ended, and I've re-watched it countless times since then. Which is why it might surprise readers to hear my theory about the show's most beloved couple (after Jen and Jack, of course). But if there was ever a Dawson's Creek revival, and in the age of Netflix we all know that's possible, I think that Joey and Pacey will have split up already, after reuniting for the umpteenth time in the Season 6 finale. Don't hate me! I have my reasons.

The chemistry between Joey Potter and Pacey Witter was always undeniable. Even as early as Season 1, Pacey tried to kiss Joey during a field trip, and their endless insults about one another were more than a little suspect. So when they finally hooked up in Season 3, much to Dawson's lament, Dawson's Creek finally felt complete. But nothing ever lasts in life, and the two broke up in Season 4, making everyone in the world, including me, completely miserable. So, even though I love Joey and Pacey as a couple, why do I think they would have already be broken up if there was ever a reunion?


The chemistry between Joey and Pacey was completely different from the chemistry between Joey and Dawson. There was always something more animal about the connection Joey had with Pacey, and this was evidenced whenever the pair were together. Sure, Joey and Dawson grew up together, and could talk about anything, but Pacey was there for Joey in a way that no-one else was.

Why, then, wouldn't Joey and Pacey be together in a revival? And before anyone tries to start a fight, I should clarify that I definitely don't think that Joey should be with Dawson, either. Those two are way better as friends, and at this point feel much more like brother and sister than lovers.

The person I think Joey Potter should be with is...


Eddie! Played by Oliver Hudson, Eddie was hot, mysterious, and a writer. He was also someone that Joey really let herself go with. He was the first person she had sex with before they were even in an official relationship together, something that Joey Potter would never usually do. He helped her be more relaxed in herself, to live in the moment, and to explore her writing. When you think about it, Eddie is a big part of the reason that Joey went into a career in publishing after college, because his work inspired her so much.

I know that Eddie was unreliable, and left on several occasions. But, at the end of Season 5, before the flash forward finale, Eddie came back. Pacey and Joey had decided to get back together and give their relationship another chance. But then Eddie returned, and Joey chose him instead. Call me crazy, but I think her choice means something. That she should be with Eddie and not Pacey.

If there was ever a Dawson's Creek reunion, I'd be placing my bets on a stand-off between Eddie and Pacey taking place. I'd also put money on Eddie having written a novel about Joey (Jess and Rory, anyone?) and realizing that he needs to be with her, like, immediately. Of course, Joey would get Eddie's book published, and they'd live happily ever after. Or you know, something like that.

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