Watch This Married Couple Break Up For A Week

We all know those couples who are completely attached at the hip. Whenever you see just one of them, it just seems like they're waiting for the other one to return, like they're just sort of in limbo. Well, what happens if you ask one of those Couples Break Up For A Week? Will they make it on their own in the wild or be eaten by wolves? And by wolves, I obviously mean death by ramen noodle packs for one. The loneliness will get you. The loneliness or the scurvy.

Well, that's exactly what BuzzFeed Yellow decided to find out. In Couples Break Up For A Week, they took married couple Ned and Ariel and decided to see how they would do on their own for a week. According to Cosmopolitan, "The couple was coached by Zach, 'literally the most single guy' Ned knows, who instructed them not to see, talk, or text each other the entire time. Ned even (unwillingly) removed his wedding band and Ariel flew cross-country to see her family." So real separation, no cheating. And while I know a few friends who would crumble after a few hours without their SO to lean on, I think Ned and Ariel did pretty well.

You can check out the whole video here:

Here are my favorites highs and lows, because it's all about wine and popcorn for dinner:

The Players

Here's the couple that will be separated. So cute you want to vomit? So cute you want to vomit.

And the helper. Zach is "literally the most single guy I know." I don't know what qualifies you as 'the most single,' but I can only assume his penis is made of teflon. He not only loves being single, but he lays down some tough truths, like telling the couple they can rediscover who they were before they were defined by their relationship. Defined by your relationship? Ouch. Although he does say they can "come back to together stronger than ever," so I guess it's not a total burn.

So It Begins

Look how sad he is to take off his ring! This is the most married man in the world.


Zach helpful explains that "you eat when you're hungry," which shows that he not only understands being single, but basic human biology keep you from death. But the two cope with being able to control their own mealtimes. Ned is not happy about it.

The most mournful cereal eater in the world. But compare that to Ariel getting to eat popcorn for dinner:

And drink wine forever:

Ariel is a woman living her best life. Sorry, Ned.

And It Continues

Ned hasn't learned how to make coffee for one person, so he looks a little insane. But happy that he gets to skip the morning gym trip— also, couples do gym trips? That sounds terrible. Don't tell my girlfriend. Please don't tell my girlfriend.

Tough Times

Dealing with a car breaking down and needing a tow truck with your wife gone. Please help Ned— he looks like the saddest boy in the world.

Or when he goes full apesh*t getting creeped out at 2 a.m.. Ned is losing it, people. To be fair, Ariel has a lot of trouble sleeping without Ned around too, but doesn't seem to be roaming around like a wolfman.

Fun Times

She seems blissfully unaware of Ned's wanderings.

It's not all sad for Ned. He's out on a boys' night yelling "THIS GUY'S DICK IS HUGE!" to a crowded bar. Which I can confirm is something you can do whether you're single or not. When the world needs to know the world needs to know.

Back Together

Look at that. Look at that sheer joy even though the world's most awkward hug. They are so happy to be together and insists that, even within a couple "we're own unique people"— though the couple's gym trips definitely make me not so sure. But they did it.

The Takeaway?

Did they miss each other? Absolutely. But let's pause and shout out to Ned's two friends, helping him during the car tow truck incident. As he points out, really— although he missed his wife's support in a stressful situation— his friends stepped in. What's important is to have a support network— whatever that looks like. If it looks like a great wife or these two dudes who frankly kill it at posing, it's still support. Though he did look pretty damn happy to see his wife again.

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Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube