11 Urban Decay x 'Alice In Wonderland' Twitter Reactions That Demonstrate Extreme Fan Excitement For This Collabo

It's the best possible time to be a makeup lover with all the amazing launches on deck, from Jeffree Star's Beauty Killer eye shadow palette to Kat Von D's Lock-It Foundation update to Too Faced's Melted Mattes to the mania-inducing Kylie Glosses. One of the industry's edgiest brands isn't on the outside looking in — it's actually peeping through the looking glass! Urban Decay teased its Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass collabo on Instagram and Twitter. Of course fans went absolutely nuts over this crumb of information. The brand merely blasted the film poster and joked that it was "headed through the looking glass." UD didn't share any official or concrete details about what is in this co-branded collection or when it is coming out.

Still, that didn't stop beauty mavens from losing their minds and taking to Twitter to express their extreme excitement.

That's to be expected when a beloved, classic tale with another major film adaption on the horizon and a favorite makeup brand team up to bring what will undoubtedly be amazing products to fans of both elements.

It's also a reprise, as UD partnered with the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film for the Book of Shadows. So longtime UD Junkies already have an idea of what to expect.

Here is the brand's tweeted tease.

Here are 11 amazing Twitter reactions that demonstrate the wild anticipation for UD x AIW. It left some fans with no words. For real!

This fan is so ready to fork over her hard-earned cash.

Tell us how you really feel!

It's as though some beauty mavens are rendered semi-speechless over this amazing news. Since most tweets are 140 characters, these reactions fit the format.

Short but sweet reactions to this collabo have been common. There are no words, right?

It's super cute how tongue-tied some fans are getting over this news.

This makeup lover is going to be ready to get hers!

Fangirling is a totally appropriate and acceptable response to this partnership. No shaming here!

Multiple emojis get the point across.

The power of positive thinking and osmosis, right?!

This makeupista has made peace with the fact that she will be parting ways with her cash.

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to makeup!

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