Could A 'Gilmore Girls' Movie Still Happen? Fans Want To See Stars Hollow On The Big Screen

Fans of witty pop culture references were thrilled earlier this year when Netflix announced it was producing a Gilmore Girls reboot, which is set to pick up the events in Stars Hollow nine years after the show's original run concluded in 2007. The world is a much different place these days (the first iPhone was introduced that year!), and I for one can't wait to see what's going on with Lorelei, Rory, and the rest of the gang. But before the Netflix revival was announced, fans were holding out hope for a movie instead. So could a Gilmore Girls movie still happen, even with the revival on the way?

Don't hold your breath. As far as a feature length, theatrical release about Stars Hollow goes, it looks like that idea has been quashed with the Netflix reboot. The rumors began last year when Scott Patterson, AKA Luke Danes, said that there were talks going on about a revival, with some fans interpreting those talks to be regarding a movie. Creator and showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino then shot down those rumors at last June's ATX Television Festival cast reunion. She did, however, concede that she had a desire to end the series on her terms (she was absent for the show's controversial final season) and was open to the idea of a revival, but she didn't say anything about a movie. So now that fans know what the revival is going to look like, and that it isn't a movie, it looks like there's no hope for Gilmore Girls coming to a theater near you. But that's fine, because what fans are getting is better.

The Netflix revival isn't just going to be another continued TV show like Fuller House. It's actually going to consist of four episodes that are around 90 minutes each, with each one taking place in a different season of the year. In other words, fans aren't getting a Gilmore Girls movie — they're getting four! A Gilmore Girls tetralogy, if you will. This approach will give fans the chance to see their faves in a movie-length production, but it won't be limited to just one film, there will be four. Besides, a theatrical tetralogy would never happen because the production and release schedule would be way too time-consuming. With the Netflix approach, all four movies will be released simultaneously, maybe even later this year.

So it seems like there's almost no chance for a Gilmore Girls movie, but that's just fine. I think that six straight hours of new Gilmore Girls will be more than enough to fill the void left in the hearts of fans. And if it isn't, there's always the 154 episodes of the show that are on Netflix already.

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