Jon Snow & The White Walkers Will Meet Again

by Maitri Suhas

Jon Snow is dead! At least that's what the newest Game Of Thrones trailer wants us to believe. In the Season 6 trailer that debuted on Monday, there are more shots of Jon Snow's corpse laying in the hall at Castle Black, just to add to the several dead Lord Commander shots in the last trailer. But there's also more footage in this newest tease of the White Walkers, and specifically the badass Night's King. And of course they are linked to Jon Snow's fate, because the face-off between Jon Snow and the Night's King can't have ended with Jon's Death.

In the trailer, we get a shot of Jon's pale dead face with those still luscious long locks, and the first line in the trailer is from hot red-headed Wildling Tormund: "I thought he was the one to lead us through the dark night. I was wrong." And then Davos' ominous speech: "The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming." They're already all over the trailer! Jon, the White Walkers, whoever Jaqen is cutting the face off of. And the White Walkers are the deadest they come.

Jon Snow is one of the only men in Westeros that has come face to face with the dead, until the Battle of Hardhome of Season 5. Jon, along with the help of Tormund, convinces the Wildlings to join the men of the Night's Watch to battle the ever-closer approaching army of zombies. And after all this time, winter has finally come, and it is icy, electric blue, and terrifying, an army of White Walkers, giants and Wights, led by the Night's King.

The Night's King sets his eyes on Jon Snow, Lord Commander. Who exactly is the Night's King? Bustle's Jefferson Grubbs answers that and any other questions you might have about the White Walkers. In George R.R. Martin's book series, the Night's King is still mysterious, but the show has gone forward with his character and brings him from legend to very real enemy.

And he sheds light on just how important the Starks are to the answer of game Of thrones. The Winterfell family all seem gifted with magic, especially with Bran's gift to fly and greensight. And if the legend that old Nan told Bran about the Night's King, he was the Thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, making him Jon Snow's ancestor. He gave his heart and life to a beautiful icy-eyed White Walker he fell in love with, though they don't seem very loving (but this could be a clue that the White Walkers are more complex than they seem).

So it seems that however Jon Snow plays into Season 6, resurrected or not, the Night's King has unfinished business with his fellow Lord Commander.

Images: HBO (4)