'GoT' Season 6 Theories From The New Trailer

by Maitri Suhas

Can you believe there is finally a Game Of Thrones Season 6 trailer that's more than a minute long? No? Well, believe it, because on Tuesday — just over a month before GoT Season 6 debuts on April 24 — the HBO show finally released a real, full-length trailer. It's only about a minute and 40 seconds song, but after the countless theories and posters of Jon Snow's bloody face, it feels like a gift of epic proportions from the showrunners. So, don't close your Reddit tabs and YouTube Game Of Thrones theories just yet, because now, some might actually be able to be narrowed down from the clues in the trailers.

First, a recap of last season: Jon Snow was dead (ish?), Arya had been blinded, Daenerys was captured by a Khalasar, Sansa and Theon jumped off a wall at Winterfell to escape, Brienne stabbed Stannis, and Melisandre fled to the wall after her plan drastically failed. In the new trailer, it seems like everyone is freaking out and there is so much chaos everywhere. One thing is certain, though: As Cersei Lannister says in the trailer, "I choose violence." And violence is what is to come in Season 6. Here are some theories the trailer lends a hand to:

1. Jon Snow Can't Remain Dead —They Showed His Corpse Too Much

So the first shot in the trailer, which is scored with tragically sad music, zooms in on Jon's bloodied body in the snow after he was Julius Caeser'd. "He's gone," the voiceover (probably Ser Davos) says. OK, that would just be too obvious, right? There's no way that the series would give away the whole season in the first shot. Also, although Davos says he's gone while showing a shot of Jon, I'm thinking Davos might be talking about Stannis instead.

There's also another shot of Jon's body being put to rest, which probably is what actor Kit Harington was talking about when he said in a recent interview that he would play a dead body for at least a portion of the season. At the end, there's Ser Davos unsheathing his sword over Jon's body while Ghost hangs out nearby. There is no way that Jon can remeain dead in Season 6 if they showed so much of his supposedly lifeless corpse in the trailer.

2. Melisandre Resurrects Jon Snow

We see Melisandre actually... possibly... sad. I don't know how much I want to sympathize with the red woman after she burned Shireen, but she admits in a rare moment to Stannis that all her visions were hella wrong. Davos and Melisandre are both at the Wall, and if Melisandre is still searching for Azor Ahai to fulfill the prophecy, she could have her sights set on Jon Snow. Why else would she be so far up north?

3. Tyrion Throws His Hat In The Ring For The Iron Throne

We see an image of Tyrion Lannister holding a torch, and hear his voice saying, "You're in the Great Game now, and the game is terrifying." Who could he be talking to that has just entered the game of thrones (which you will win or die)? I want to believe he is talking to himself. In the first few seasons, we saw a Tyrion that just wanted to save his neck and bed some women and have a drink. But now, seasons later, he's left in charge of Mereen, and withthe task of finding Dany (along with Jorah and Daario). Could he finally say, "Screw it, why not me?" and vy for the Iron Throne himself?

4. Sansa Goes To The Iron Islands With Theon

In the trailer, we see Sansa in a great fur coat, looking fabulous, healthy, and safe. There's also a shot of Theon, who, as Wired postures, is being "re-baptized with a beard" in the Iron Islands. Sansa and Theon jumped from the wall at Winterfell to escape — maybe Theon could return to the Iron Islands with Sansa; a Stark still has power in the seven Kingdoms. And it's already known that Euron Greyjoy will be a part of Season 6. Theon could team up with his uncle to wage war for the right to king.

5. Bran Is The Key

I mean, there's no way that you can keep a character off-screen for a whole season and not bring him back as the hero. (Or, I don't know, Bran will die in one of the first three episodes. Either way.) Sure enough, we do see him in the trailer in an amazing shot involving him turning around and facing the Night's King (love that guy, so happy to see him again). But lest you forgot: Bran Stark was never to walk again, only fly.

Does that mean the scene is him warging with Jon's dead body, or taking his form in some other way? Or is Bran using his greensight in a vision to see just exactly how winter is coming? Is the Night's King Jon Snow?! (This is the least plausible Jon Snow theory. But you never know.)

6. Margaery Returns With A Vengeance

All we see of Margaery Tyrell in this trailer is her turning her face to the camera from the floor of her cell, and then possibly in another shot where she is kneeling on the ground — maybe confessing her guilt — to a tall man in a robe. He could definitely be a Sparrow. But actress Natalie Dormer already mentioned in an interview with Women's Health that Margaery will be just fine: she's a very clever girl, after all.

7. Daenerys Forms A New Army

At the end of Season 5, Dany is captured by a khalasar after Drogon abandons her in the middle of Essos (nice going). In the new trailer, we see her walking with hundreds of others — unclear where they are going — but they come to the entrance of a city with an enormous horse statue guarding the gate. Though it looks like she is being led in procession, she does not have constraints or chains, so she could just be wandering, stripped of all power. But she seems hopeful seeing the statue.

There's also a shot of Ser Jorah holding Dany's ring, which she dropped before she was whisked off. Later, for a split second, there's a shot of a hand over a ring of flame with what suspciously looks like the same ring. Dany could have a new khalasar she banded together in the city of horses.

8. Arya Is Blind, But Not For Long

We see Arya with milky white eyes in this trailer — which leads me to believe she'll get her sight back at some point this season. Like the trailer showing Jon's body multiple times, I think this is a clue. The key seems to be in the Hall of Faces: there's an ominious shot of the Hall in this trailer. Who's face will Arya have to take, and what will she have to do, to get her vision restored?

The most frustrating thing about this Season 6 trailer, though, is really the fact that it reminds us the show doesn't return until April 24. So close, yet so far!

Images: GameOfThrones/YouTube (9)