When Is Kat Von D's Lock-It Complexion Collection Available? The Updated Products Are Coming Soon — PHOTOS

The waiting is the hardest part, according to a Tom Petty song lyric. The sentiment accurately applies to makeup mavens eagerly anticipating new products. Kat Von D Beauty is updating its Lock-It Complexion range with new items, additional shades, and a packaging facelift. Kat Von D confirmed that she would be expanding her brand's beloved, full coverage Lock-It foundation with 13 (!!!) new shades to make it more all-inclusive, including a white hue and darker tones. While KVD Beauty is revamping the product's packaging, the brand has promised that the formula is staying exactly as is. That's a huge relief for fans who swear by this product. When will the new and improved Kat Von D Lock-It Collection be available to shop?

The expanded Lock-It collection, which the brand is deeming "a complexion revolution," is coming this fall. The exact date has not been revealed and it may be TBD for now, while the marketing and manufacturing departments do their thing.

It's worth noting that Von D took to her personal Instagram a few weeks ago to reveal the Lock-It updates. At the time, she stated that the improved canister and new shades would be available in July. That date appears to have been pushed back a bit.

The official Kat Von D Beauty Instagram posted an update, including photos of the new look packaging and the much-anticipated facial brushes. Those tools of the trade are gorgeous, stiletto-like weaponry.

Here is where the caption notes that these upgrades and updates are coming in the fall. So you have to wait a bit longer than previously expected. Bustle reached out to Kat Von D Beauty reps for further confirmation and clarification about the product range and on-sale dates.

In summation, fans will see a mix of updates to previously existing products, a "sexy" facelift when it comes to the packaging, more shade options, and some new products. Those brushes, though!

Von D is also working on reformatting the formulas so that all Lock-It products totally vegan. Again, the Lock-It Foundation formula is staying the same, so Kat Von D-evotees need not freak out!

While it might be a bummer to have to wait until fall, these products will be see worth it.

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (3)