Lindsay Lohan May Not Be Engaged, But She Sure Is Happy With Boyfriend Egor Tarabasov — PHOTOS

Trying to figure out whether Lindsay Lohan is actually engaged is more difficult than telling apart Annie James and Halle Parker in The Parent Trap. In other words, it's impossible. On Tuesday, rumors surfaced that Lohan got engaged to boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. At the time, Lohan's rep told Bustle, "The story is not true and holds no merit." Yet amidst this news, Us Weekly reports that Lohan was wearing an emerald on her ring finger at a Duran Duran concert on Tuesday evening. Their eye witness said, "Lindsay came on stage, dancing and rocking out, and joined in singing "Danceophobia." She was smiling and dancing. She was really, super happy."

Not only was her boyfriend there, but Lohan's parents, Dina and Michael, attended the show, along with her little sis Ali. Why would the whole family get together? Are they just all huge fans of Duran Duran? Or perhaps the family was celebrating potentially exciting news. Lohan's parents are divorced and based on previous reports, she and her father have had a strained relationship. So it's interesting the whole gang was reunited.

Seriously, I don't know what to make of all of this. Is she just wearing an emerald on her finger to fuel the rumors and mess with everyone? If so, props to her — because people are buying it.

If you look closely, you can see the ring in this shot tweeted by People. It sure is a huge rock.

I guess whether she's engaged shouldn't be the biggest focal point. Instead, it should be the fact that the 29-year-old is so happy with Tarabasov. She's had a rocky history in the spotlight, and if she's finally find a guy who makes her smile, I'm genuinely happy for her. That's what matters most.

Considering the frequency in which people break up, I'm hoping these two stay together — even if they're not engaged yet. This vintage LiLo quote sums up my feelings on the matter.

Image: Giphy