Kim Kardashian Teaches North West To Ski & The Photos Will Melt Your Heart — PHOTOS

Confession: I'm a 25-year-old, who has never skied in my life. Probably because I have incredibly poor coordination and wouldn't even be able to conquer the bunny slope. Meanwhile, at age 2, North West took her first skiing lesson with Kim Kardashian and she officially added a new hobby to her repertoire. Based on the photos and videos obtained by Us Weekly, she's already a pro and didn't even fall over once.

Honestly, I'm impressed by NW. She takes piano lessons, according to Kim's Instagrams. She also previously played soccer, as well as showing she's a skilled social media user. (If you count the time she uploaded an old photo to mom Kim's account.) Even if that last example was a hoax, she's essentially a toddler with the résumé of an impressive high-schooler.

One of the best parts of North's skiing lessons is that both of her parents — Kim and Kanye West — were by her side, making sure she made it through. According to the narrator in the video below, Kim began taking skiing lessons at age 2, too. It must be a family tradition, along with starting names with "K" and starring on reality shows.

Anyway, I digress. Check out North hitting the slope in Vail in the video below via Splash News.

Splash TV on YouTube

Because that video isn't enough, here's a round-up of other photos.

Goggles & Gear

Perhaps the best part of her ski trip is how dressed up she got.

Making Faces

She's probably cringing at all the people who can't ski as well as her.

Such A Champ

Just look at that pose!

With Her Cousin

Because of all the ski gear, I can't tell which Disick kid that is. Either way, so adorable that these cousins hit the slopes together.

So there you have it! North West is like a mini skiing prodigy. Perhaps she'll participate in the future Olympic games.