18 Cute Things North West & Her New Brother Will Definitely Do Together

When people around the world eagerly awaited the births of Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal babies, I couldn't understand the commotion and fuss. But the arrival of a new Kimye kid? I'm all about that. Dec. 5, Kim Kardashian West gave birth to a baby boy, and I was so excited I wanted to bust out balloons and throw a party. This is Kardashian West's second child with Kanye West, which also means North West is officially a big sister. Based on Kim K's previous comments, this is a role that North doesn't take likely. As the reality star told People, North was asked what the baby's name should be and she repeatedly said, "Baby Brother." Looks like she can already tell he'll be a very important part of her life.

Given how well Northie gets along with her ballet buddy-slash-cousin Penelope Disick, she's bound to bond with the new baby too. I can only imagine all of the antics they'll get into. A few years from now, I bet they're get their own E! spin-off series — What's Happening With the Wests has a decent ring to it, huh? OK, so it's a little clunky, but the name can be figured out later.

In the meantime, here's a list of shenanigans the Kimye siblings are bound to get into. Because based on North's previous behavior, she is always up to something.

1. Play Soccer

Between ballet and soccer, North is a star athlete. Now she has an automatic teammate to play sports with. Score!

2. Hack Their Mom's Phone

Silly North West! She somehow managed to steal Kim K's phone and post a major throwback photo. Between the two of them, North and the new baby will pull plenty of other pranks.

3. Visit Disneyland

To celebrate her second birthday, the entire fam took a trip to Disney. Now that there's a new baby in the picture, I bet they'll go back.

4. Spend Quality Time With Their Cousins

Although Penelope and North's friendship seems pretty exclusive, they can make room for the new baby in their squad.

5. Dress Up

Whether Disney costumes or any other fun outfits, these siblings will definitely play dress up.

6. Eat Pancakes

One of North's favorite pastimes? Eating pancakes. I'm sure she and her brother will have plenty of snacks.

7. Make In-App Purchases

When North accidentally made in-app purchases, dad Kanye West was not a happy camper. He posted an entire Twitter rant about it. I bet North and her brother may go overboard playing Candy Crush and paying for new lives. (Sorry, 'Ye!)

8. Attend Fashion Week

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What baby doesn't want to be front row at Fashion Week? Sure, North threw a fit at first, but now she's a pro. She'll help her baby brother navigate the ups and downs of the fashion world.

9. Appear In Kanye's Videos

KanyeWestVEVO on YouTube

Nothing says "sibling bonding" like starring in their dad's music videos. Here's hoping they both star in a future Yeezy production.

10. Go Camping

Whether they set up a tent in their living room or outdoors, camping together is a great bonding activity. North is already a pro!

11. Start A Book Club

North and her cousin P are big fans of Aunt Khloe's new book. I'm sure North will be a great sister and read to her younger brother, just like her father taught her.

12. Trick-Or-Treat

I can only imagine the amazing matching costumes that Kimye's kids will wear. Can we fast-forward to Halloween 2016, please?

13. Make Music

With North on the piano, her new brother can learn how to play guitar or drums. They'll have a family band.

14. Pick Pumpkins

When the weather starts to get chilly, these two can look for pumpkins and then paint them together.

15. Borrow Dad's Clothes

According to Instagram, there are already Yeezy shoes for the new baby. Plus, North is always stealing her dad's chains, so combined, they'll play dress-up in their dad's closet.

16. Snap Selfies

North already knows how to work a camera! They're Kim K.'s kids after all, so they're bound to be selfie extraordinaires.

17. Hit Up The Zoo

What better way to bond than petting cute animals? Trips to the zoo will be a regular occurrence.

18. Give Their Parents A Hard Time

Just like how momager Kris Jenner has to deal with a bunch of nonsense from her six kids, I'm sure Kimye's babies may make life a bit harder for their parents. Whether refusing to change outfits or joking around, I bet they'll have their fair share of spats.

Either way, I can't wait to follow North and her new brother's adventures! Crossing my fingers that Kim Kardashian keeps the family photos coming.