Robert Schwartzman Talks 'Dreamland,' Rooney & 'Princess Diaries 3' With Bustle Live — VIDEO

While the faithful '90s babies among us have been sitting on the edges of their seats hoping for the green light on The Princess Diaries 3 , your prepubescent crush Robert Schwartzman, aka Michael Moscovitz, has moved far and beyond the realm of Genovia. Yesterday, Bustle had a chance to talk Rooney and Dreamland with Robert Schwartzman on ~Facebook Live~ while the filmmaker was in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival — and if you thought you were keeping busy in the last few months, you might want to take a step back, because Schwartzman is about to story top you big time.

Known best as the frontman of the iconic indie band Rooney, Schwartzman is not only busy with the upcoming release of the album Washed Away on May 6, but promoting the film Dreamland, which he (*takes in a deep breath*) directed, co-wrote, produced, and scored the music for. The film tells the story of Monty, a somewhat existentially fraught but talented pianist who dreams of opening his own piano bar, but seems stuck in his circumstances until a wrench is thrown into them by an affair with the wealthy, older, incredibly sexy Olivia. His conflicting desires to be with Olivia and realize his own dreams independent of his situation come to a riveting head by the climax of the film, which just premiered at Tribeca.

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In his interview with Bustle, Schwartzman tells viewers his inspiration for the film, gives insight into the process of making an indie movie, and shares what it's like striking it out creatively on your own after growing up in a family where pretty much everyone is involved in the film biz in some way or another. As for Rooney, fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Formed Schwartzman's junior year of high school, when The Princess Diaries was but an idea hatched in Meg Cabot's brain, the band has continued to grow a loyal fanbase over the past 13 years of album releases. Rooney released the new single "My Heart Beats 4 U" last month in anticipation of Washed Away's May 6 release, as well as this craftily shot music video starring Robert Schwartzman, Robert Schwartzman, Robert Schwartzman, and (drumroll, please) ... Robert Schwartzman!

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Bustle also took a walk with Schwartzman down nostalgia lane, talking about the beginning of Rooney, what it was like breaking ground as a band acting on The O.C. back in the day, and (of course) the rumors about a Princess Diaries 3 , and what it would mean for one Michael Moscovitz. Check out his full interview with Bustle here!

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