Shay Mitchell's Best Beauty Advice Comes From The Cutest Source

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is one of the core ladies who make up one of the biggest fan bases in entertainment. Those ladies also happen to be some of the most stylish as well, but Mitchell's gets her beauty prowess from unlikely source. Shay Mitchell's best beauty advice comes from her mom aka the cutest source ever.

Mitchell has been part of Hollywood's young, stylish elite since she joined the cast of Pretty Little Liars. Along with co-stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Troian Bellisario, the ladies of the show had forged a path in fashion and beauty unlike any other cable television I've seen. From their killer style on the show itself to their off-screen looks, each woman has a vision all their own.

Mitchell's style has always seemed to be able to seamlessly blend the natural and the glam. At the 2016 People's Choice Awards, Mitchell embraced the occasion and slayed the carpet with an insane lash game and a smokey eye, but she kept her lips soft, also balancing her look. When Mitchell covered Seventeen back in June 2015, though, Mitchell looked gorgeous with a naturally-hued, shimmer all over the lid and bold brows. While her looks may be diverse, though, she always maintains an air of simplicity in some way, and that may steam from the best beauty advice Shay Mitchell ever received.


Mitchell sat down with PopSugar's Kirbie Johnson on #PrettyUnfiltered to discuss all of her beauty secrets. It was during the sit down with Johnson that Mitchell revealed her best beauty advice came from none other than her mom.

When asked what the best piece of beauty advice she ever received was, Mitchell began by explained that the words of wisdom came from her mom. She says, "Growing up I'd always watch her do makeup, and I'd ask her why, and she'd just say to me, 'I'm just enhancing what I have that's what makeup is for. It's to enhance your features not to hide them or cover them.'" After gushing about the amazing advice, Mitchell explains that it's what she tries to do now.

While Mitchell's red carpets look move from glamorous and smoky to natural, she's clearly mastered the techniques of enhancing her own beauty. While she goes on to discuss her prior desires to camouflage her skin ton and darker hair color, she has accepted her own heritage and beauty, and thanks to her mother's advice, she's done it well.

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While makeup is a uniquely personal decision, Mitchell's choice to avoid ultra dramatic looks and opt for a more natural beauty make her super unique. While many young stars have embraced cosmetics and enjoy experimenting with bold lips and strong look, seeing Mitchell's emphasis on skin care and simplicity is refreshing. Mitchell's YouTube channel is the perfect example of the star's outlook on beauty. With funky, fun tutorials on junk food nails, rundowns of makeup hauls, and Q&A sessions, Mitchell is always her natural self, just like her mom encouraged her to be.

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To check out more of Mitchell's talk on #PrettyUnfiltered, head over to PopSugar. I'll just be over here ruminating on how to pull off the perfect no makeup makeup look in honor of Mitchell.