Ser Davos Might Be Team Melissandre On 'GoT'

Things are not looking great for Jon Snow on Game Of Thrones Season 6. During Sunday's premiere, we had plenty of images of his very deceased body, but we were not gifted with his resurrection. Fortunately, after securing Jon and Ghost behind lock and key, Ser Davos seems to think that all is not lost. Well, by the old gods and the new, I am with him. After all, magical Melisandre is still hanging around Castle Black and if anyone can save our beloved bastard, it seems like she can. They may have had their differences in the past (and he sure won't be happy about Princess Shireen) but does Davos believe that Melisandre can resurrect Jon Snow?

It looks like Davos finally does believe in the Red Woman's powers. He may not like it, but she may be their only hope to get away alive and possibly with an alive Jon Snow. Alliser Thorne and the rest of the swarthy Night's Watch are ready to slaughter Davos and his men, but, instead of giving up, Davos suggests that Melisandre can help them. When he is met with the (very valid) question, "What's one redhead going to do against 40 armed men?" Davos says, "You haven't seen her do what I've seen her do." That sounds like a pretty strong endorsement, to me.

To me, that seems like Ser Davos is possibly jumping over to Team Melisandre. He seems like he believes that she can do what is seemingly impossible. After seeing her randomly transform into an old lady in the end of the episode, don't we all believe in her power? Come on, Melisandre. You're our only hope.

Images: HBO