‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 3 Rumors & Clues To Hold You Over Until Summer

Bachelor in Paradise is not even filming yet, but Bachelor Nation cannot wait for it to start. Sadly, nothing has been officially confirmed yet when it comes to the upcoming season and its cast, but there are a lot of rumors going around and even some denials that have been issued. So, I decided to roundup the info we know — or that is at least rumored — about Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 so far.

If you follow Bachelor and Bachelorette alums on social media, you know that plenty of them have been dropping hints and alluding to the upcoming BiP season. It would be so much easier if they just came out and said, "Yes, I'm heading to paradise," but it seems like ABC is still working out the details. Or they're just dragging things out until the last minute to build up the anticipation forwho will star in the upcoming season. So, it is pretty likely that we will not get a final confirmation of the cast until JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette wraps up. Until then, we can speculate and make some educated guesses based on interviews and social media.

1. Chris Soules Will Not Be A Part Of The Cast

I feel like Chris would never be on a reality show where he wasn't the main star, so this is not super surprising, but Chris gave the official confirmation via Twitter.

2. Courtney Robertson Is Down To Find Love On TV

This Twitter pic and caption are not exactly subtle, but it seems like Courtney would be down to be a part of BiP's third season.

3. A Bachelor Producer Would Probably Have Becca Tilley Back

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss responded to a fan tweet about wanting Becca Tilley back on reality television and it made it seem like the door is open... maybe it's open to BiP...

4. Lace Morris May Not Be Single

Chris Harrison asked Lace to be a part of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 during an episode of The Bachelor's live after-show. But if you follow Lace on Instagram, you may have noticed that it looks like she has a boo now. And if that's the case, she might not go to paradise after all.

5. Chris Harrison Wants Jubilee & The Ferguson Twins In The Cast

According to Buddy TV, Chris Harrison is pulling for women from the most recent season of The Bachelor to be on BIP. The host told reporters, "Obviously, the twins [Haley Ferguson and Emily Ferguson] I think would be great in Paradise. I think [Jubilee Sharpe] would be great in Paradise." That's a pretty solid recommendation, so I'm thinking that there's a good chance that those three ladies will be on the show.

6. Olivia Caridi Is Done With Reality TV

I was really hoping that Olivia would be down for BiP, but apparently the "villain" from the Ben's season is done with the reality TV genre, according to the New York Post. She seems pretty over it herself, but when it comes to other people participating, she said, “If you’re so inclined, go for it!’’ Well, this is a bummer. I don't want others — I want to watch Olivia!

7. Michelle Money & Cody Sattler Are No Longer Looking For Love

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler got together during the first season of BiP and then broke up, but now they are very much back together since they are appearing on Season 5 of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars together. So, it doesn't make any sense for these two to return to the show since they are no longer looking for love.

8. JJ Lane Would Join BiP If Amanda Stanton Does

JJ Lane would be down for another round of Bachelor in Paradise, but only on one condition: if Amanda Stanton is a part of the cast. He told the New York Post , "I want to know that girl. I would go [on Bachelor in Paradise] for only one reason. I would walk the f**k away if Amanda wasn’t there." I wonder what Amanda thinks of the idea.

9. Carly Wadell Is Single & Posting BiP Throwback Photos

It didn't seem like Carly would be on BiP again since she was super into her relationship with Erik DiNardo, but Carly told Us Weekly that she is single now. Plus, she has been posting some Bachelor in Paradise throwback pics and other photos with the cast, so maybe she's trying to let us know that she's interested in round three.

This is all up in the air since the show has not even started yet — and who knows what kind of talent will come from JoJo's season of The Bachelorette — but I'm sure that there will be stronger clues and more actual confirmations coming very soon.