Iron Man Needs To Give Spider-Man Some Advice

The Marvel cinematic universe has long practiced a tradition of having their heroes cross over into each other's films, ever since Nick Fury showed up in the end credits scene of 2008's Iron Man. But these days, instead of cameos, fans are being treated to full-on collaborations. And one of the more intriguing ones on the horizon looks to be Iron Man's appearance in the new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's not yet known just how big of a role Tony Stark will play in the film, but given that the casting of Robert Downey Jr. was treated with a decent amount of fanfare, it seems as if it's going to be far more than a cameo. So what lessons should Iron Man teach the new Spider-Man?

Unless you've been living under a pile of rubble waiting for one of these heroes to rescue you for the past several months, you know that Spidey and Stark already know each other, thanks to their appearance together in Captain America: Civil War . Spider-Man fights for Team Iron Man in that film, so it would seem the two are friends, but many are also expecting a sort of mentor/mentee relationship between them. And since Iron Man has been in the hero game for a lot longer than Spider-Man (at least in the MCU), here's some knowledge Stark should bestow on Peter Parker.

1. Check Your Ego

The Tony Stark to whom fans were introduced in the first Iron Man movie is a far different person than the hero of today. He was cocky, smug, and uncaring. He had to learn to keep his big ego in check in order to become a hero, and it would definitely be smart of him to teach Spidey to do the same.

2. Teamwork

Spider-Man is traditionally kind of a loner, but with all of the heroes in the MCU, he's going to need to learn to work well with others. And with Iron Man teaming up with the webslinger in Homecoming, he should have the chance to do just that.

3. Know Your Limits

Stark reached too far in Age of Ultron, and guess what happened? He almost destroyed the world. He learned an important lesson, to not try to achieve more than he's capable of, and boy-genius Peter Parker should also be familiar with this rule.

4. Keep Your Identity Secret

Tony Stark let the world know he was Iron Man pretty quickly, and it didn't take long for villains to come calling and actually blow up his house. The last thing Parker would want is for something bad to happen to his Aunt May, and keeping his true identity under wraps is a good way to make sure that doesn't happen.

5. Trust In Technology

Without his suit, Tony Stark is the weakest Avenger. By far. But with his suit, he's one of the most powerful. Spidey is certainly more formidable than Stark on his own, but if he wants to hold his own when he's among the big guns like Thor and the Hulk, he'll need all the help he can get.

6. Funny Business

In the comics, Spider-Man is generally considered the biggest cut up in the Marvel universe. But in the MCU, that role goes to Stark, who's far more hilarious when played by Downey than he ever was in the comics. So if Spidey is going to take the funnyman mantle in the movies, he's going to need Stark to show him the ropes.

7. Invest

Historically, Parker is always struggling with money. Stark, on the other hand, is a billionaire. This might be the most practical way that Stark can help Parker; by allowing him to keep food on the table.

Obviously, Spider-Man can learn a lot from Iron Man. Stark has about 30 years on Parker, plus a decade of extremely relevant superhero experience. With Stark's guidance, and his help in avoiding making the same mistakes that he has, Parker could become the greatest hero in the MCU. And that's exactly what fans want from their new Spider-Man.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; giphy.com