13 Lessons We Can Learn From 'Kimmy Schmidt's Mom

Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has some amazing cameos, and one of the best has to be when Lisa Kudrow turns up in Episode 13 as Kimmy's mom. Kudrow is the perfect casting choice to play Kimmy's mom, because she looks more than a little bit like Ellie Kemper, and, as always, she's hilarious. Kimmy decides to find her mom to try and get some closure on her childhood, as well as express all of the pent up anger and frustration she has about being kidnapped. Kimmy's mom is an antagonist of sorts, and for good reason. Kimmy feels abandoned by her parent, who seems more interested in rollercoasters than her child. But Lori Ann Schmidt also has a lot of wisdom, and there are several lessons we can learn from Kimmy Schmidt's mom.

While Kimmy's reunion with her mom in Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt doesn't go completely to plan, the pair realize they have a lot in common. Plus, Kimmy has yet to consider how her disappearance affected those who were left behind when she went missing. Although she can't change the past, Kimmy makes peace with her mom, and Lori Ann Schmidt teaches us all a lot of lessons in the process.

1. Rollercoasters Are A Great Way To Let Off Steam

Kimmy's most pivotal conversation with her mom takes place on a rollercoaster, where neither can escape or avoid the serious talk. Later, Kimmy asks her mom why she loves riding rollercoasters so much. Her mom says, "Sometimes you just wanna scream your head off, and a rollercoaster's the only place no-one looks at you weird." Wise words, Kimmy's mom. Wise words indeed.

2. Greet People With Enthusiasm

Kimmy doesn't expect reuniting with her mom to be as fun as it turns out to be. Part of the reason she enjoys herself is because Lori Ann Schmidt is so upbeat, including the excited way she embraces her daughter when she sees her again, and runs towards her smiling.

3. Be Yourself, Even When It's Difficult

Kimmy thought her mom moved away from her childhood home because she didn't care about her. In actuality, she moved because she wasn't prepared to be judged on a daily basis by the people around her. Kimmy's mom says, "They just wanted me to be sad all the time." Everyone has to deal with tragedy at some point in their lives, but how they deal with that tragedy is up to them, and shouldn't be dictated by anybody else.

4. Cheer On Loved Ones Like You're At A Rock Concert

When it comes to eating worms, Kimmy's mom is her greatest advocate. She cheers like there's nothing more important in the world.

5. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Kimmy's mom tears up her rollercoaster pass so she can spend some quality time with her daughter. Even though she makes sure she gets back on the rollercoaster later in the day, her choice is an important one. She puts Kimmy first because family matters.

6. You're Never Too Old For A Cartwheel Race

While I think I'm probably too old for a cartwheel race, Kimmy Schmidt and mom Lori Ann give me hope that I could achieve the impossible (and the impossibly fun).

7. A High Five Never Goes Out Of Style

Kimmy's mom is all about the high five. While some might call the gesture retro, there's nothing cooler than a mother-daughter high five, am I right?

8. Kiss Like You Mean It

A palm kiss, followed by a thumbs up. Does anything say love more than that?

9. Life Doesn't Turn Out The Way You Plan, Because It's Life

Kimmy's mom teaches us a great lesson about coming to terms with the unpredictability of life. Things didn't turn out the way she hoped they would, but she strives forward regardless, does things she loves, and doesn't hold any grudges.

10. Gifts Don't Need To Cost Money

Lori Ann gives Kimmy a Christmas gift she's been carrying around for her daughter for years. The fact that she's kept hold of the gift is sweet enough, but the fact that it's a handmade coupon book is even better.

11. Pancakes For Dinner Are Never A Mistake

I don't need to explain this one, do I?

12. Don't Be Defined By Tragedy

For Kimmy and her mom, it's difficult to escape the horrible thing that happened to them. But as Kimmy Schmidt says, "I'm more than this terrible thing that happened to me." Her mom's reply is hilarious, "Exactly. I'm all the terrible things that have happened to me." But it's a good point. Everything that's happened to us has helped make us who we are today, good and bad.

13. Nobody's Perfect

Kimmy's mom is the first to admit that she isn't perfect. But nobody is. We've all done things we're not proud of. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't get a second chance to try again.

I'm hopeful that Lisa Kudrow will be back for Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , as she was perfect as Kimmy's mom, every bit as lovable, complicated, and hilarious as you'd expect.

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