Beyonce's Wide Brimmed Hat Is Everything

Beyonce's Formation World Tour kicked off in Miami on Wednesday night, and the world has barely had time to recover from Lemonade. While Wednesday night's show is just one in a long string of killer performance, the fashion was equally killer, and that wide brimmed hat is the star of Beyonce's Formation Tour outfits. From body suits to hats to boots, Beyonce slayed the game again, but is anyone really surprised by that?

While the Formation World Tour seems to be on everyone's mind at the moment, it's hard to believe that it's only been since Saturday that Beyonce released her stunning visual album Lemonade . The work of genius had the internet buzzing. From the beautiful feminist imagery, to the brilliant celebration of black women, to simply stunning music, it seemed as if every frame got better and better. While each part of the visual album was perfection, another art at play in the video was the fashion.

Fashion has always been a gorgeous form of artistic express, and Beyonce has been the queen of using design to impart a message. Whether it's theories of her channeling the goddess Oshun in Lemonade or she and her dancers' attire during her Superbowl performance, she truly knows how to use fashion, and she's going it again during the Formation World Tour.

On Wednesday night, mere moments before she took the stage, Beyonce posted a teaser of her getting ready to start the show, and like most of her work, the fashion moment was insane. Clearly, Beyonce's wide brimmed hate seems to be the star of her Formation World Tour. However, if you were thinking that this hat looks familiar, you'd be right.

Beyonce wore a similar wide brimmed hat in the video for "Formation," leading me to think that the fact that she's wearing it in a promo post for the Formation World Tour can't be pure coincidence. Instead, it seems as though the hat is linked to both the song and the tour's name.

Whether you're wanting to copy the looks from "Formation" or just admire the genius that is Beyonce's grasp of art, music, and fashion, it's clear that this certain accessory means a lot to the singer's visual vision for her tour and her music. The hat is even featured on Beyonce's merchandise for the tour.

The wide brimmed hat is clearly here to stay. It'll be interesting to see how else Beyonce uses style to express her vision, and I personally can't wait.

Images: Beyonce/YouTube