5 Reasons Why 2014 is The Year of Tegan & Sara

It may only be February, but it's not too early to declare 2014 as the year of Tegan & Sara, the Canadian musical duo who, after years in the business, are finally experiencing major, career-changing success. Their seventh studio album, Heartthrob, received rave reviews upon its January 2013 release and is continuing to climb the Billboard charts; Tegan & Sara's song for The Lego Movie , "Everything is Awesome!!!," is an iTunes bestseller; and later this year, they plan to open for some of the biggest acts in the industry, opening the door to gain millions of new fans.

The twin sisters' good luck began early last year, but judging from their 2014 schedule, the next ten months are going to be some of the best of their lives. For those who've been fans of Tegan & Sara for years, the band's success feels long overdue. After all, the duo has been working steadily since 1999, and their album before Heartthrob, 2009's Sainthood, received just as good reviews as their most recent work, just without all the fanfare. No matter how frustrated it is that it took the world so long to notice them, though, it's fantastic that they're finally getting the attention they deserve. Here's why we predict 2014 will be the year of Tegan & Sara:

1. The Lego Movie is #1 in America

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And Tegan & Sara helped make it happen. The duo recorded the insanely-poppy "Everything is Awesome!!!" for The Lego Movie's soundtrack, and as all who saw the film know, it's a song that stays in your head long after the credits roll, and for good reason. It's upbeat, witty, and addicting, and with the movie staying firm at number one, it's no surprise that its main song is also doing well, with 34,000 downloads and counting.

"Everything is Awesome!!!" will likely be Tegan & Sara's biggest soundtrack song of the year, but it's certainly not their only one. The band also recorded the gorgeous "Don't Find Another Love" for Endless Love, and their songs for the soundtracks of last year's Dallas Buyers Club and G.B.F. are still gaining steam.

2. Heartthrob Continues to Sell

Despite major critical acclaim, no Tegan & Sara album had ever truly made the transition from indie cred to mainstream success — until Heartthrob. The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released last January, and as of December, it had sold an impressive 165,000 copies in the United States. Much of the success was due to Heartthrob's fantastic lead single, "Closer," which topped the dance charts and was even covered on Glee.

Heartthrob was a constant on many critics' year-end Best Of lists, earning a Polaris Music Prize nomination and garnering rave reviews from outlets like Rolling Stone and Spin. In the time since, the album has understandably lost much of its momentum, but last week, it was #97 on the Billboard Hot 100 list — not bad for an album was released over a year ago.

3. They're Opening for Huge Acts

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In March, Tegan & Sara will join Paramore on Parahoy, a 4-day cruise sailing from Miami to the Bahamas. In August, they'll begin touring across the country with Katy Perry, opening for the superstar on the third leg of her American tour. While the Paramore collaboration sounds like a ton of fun, it's the gig with Perry that's bound to mean big things for the band. Perry has an enormous, devoted audience, and touring alongside her will allow huge amounts of new people to be introduced to Tegan & Sara's music. It's a tour that could mean major things for the band, and it wouldn't be a surprise if after it's over, the duo suddenly finds themselves with a few million more devotees.

4. They're Up For Four Juno Awards

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Sure, Heartthrob didn't earn any Grammy nominations (although the twins did hilariously live-tweet the show), but the album did receive an outstanding four nods at the Junos, Canada's version of the American awards show. With nominations for Pop Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Group of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year, along with a live performance during the show, Tegan & Sara are in for a good night on March 29, regardless of what happens.

5. They're Making a Difference in the LGBT Community

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As out lesbians, Tegan & Sara have long held a major influence in the LGBT community, but today, their impact feels bigger than ever. Last year, they contributed articles and interviews about LGBT rights, professing their support for marriage equality and their determination to not stop speaking out. In January, they was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Artist, competing with heavyweights like Elton John and Lady Gaga. And last weekend, when the actress Ellen Page came out as gay in a widely-seen speech, it was Tegan & Sara, among others, whom she thanked for helping pave the way.