Here's Where You Can Find Live Primary Results

by Erin Corbett

The Indiana primaries are Tuesday, May 3, and there's plenty to keep tabs on. Polling places are open in the state from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. local time, and Indiana has open primaries, so voters can cast a ballot for their preferred candidate regardless of their party affiliation. Indiana has a pretty big pool of delegates available to both parties, making it an important state for candidates to win. The state holds 83 Democratic delegates and 57 for Republicans. Here's how you can watch Tuesday's primary results live.

As with previous primaries, there are various ways to keep up with Tuesday's results as they come in. If you'll be tuning in on your TV, you can keep up with CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, and Newsmax TV, among other networks. If you will be tuning in from your computer or phone, and don't have access to cable, you can keep tabs on the results by trying a live stream from Inquisitr. You can also easily follow Tuesday's results on Google, Twitter, the Associated Press, Politico, The Guardian, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, NBC News, and many others.

Indiana will be another pivotal primary for this election, especially because there are just a few opportunities left for candidates to claim the remaining delegates. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump currently holds 996 delegates, and needs 1,237 to secure the nomination. He is followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who holds 565. Cruz had hoped to take Indiana in order to keep delegates from Trump. However, the latest polls show Trump with a 15-point lead in the state, with 49 percent of support to Cruz's 34 percent.

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and frontrunner Hillary Clinton have had a tight race since Feb. 1 but Sanders keeps getting beat by her high superdelegate count. Clinton currently leads Sanders with 1,645 pledged delegates to his 1,318, and holds 520 superdelegates to his 39. According to recent polls, Clinton leads Sanders in Indiana, but not by a wide margin. An NBC News / Wall Street Journal / Marist poll from Sunday shows Clinton leading with 50 percent to Sanders' 46 percent among Democratic voters in the state.

Indiana is certainly a state to keep up with on Tuesday, so be sure to tune in however you're able.

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