Jacob Tremblay & His Dog Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day In The Cutest Possible Way — PHOTO

With the way this election season is going, I sometimes wish I could nominate Jacob Tremblay for president instead. He's not only a talented actor, but he's candid and funny. Plus, the Room star has big dreams for the future. Unfortunately, he's 26 years under the age requirement for POTUS. Although that's a bummer, his latest Instagram will surely cheer you up. Like a true fan, Tremblay is celebrating Star Wars Day — aka May the 4th Be With You. Making the holiday even more on brand, his dog Rey joined in on the fun. He captioned the snapshot, "#Rey and her #milleniumfalcon! Happy #Maythe4thbewithyou!!! #ReyTremblay #StarWarsDay." From those hashtags, you can imagine the photo — but you need to see it to truly understand the greatness. Trust me.

Tremblay posed his pup perfectly with a replica of the Millennium Falcon. The dog looks incredibly proud to be celebrating the holiday, especially since she's named after Daisy Ridley's character in the movie. (Plus, the fact that the name "Rey Tremblay" rhymes makes it all the more adorable.) This puppy looks like a mix between an Ewok and Chewbacca — in the best possible way. I don't know about you guys, but I am jealous that the 9-year-old star gets to cuddle with that pup whenever he wants.

Of course, fans know that the actor is no stranger to the Star Wars obsession. He had a lightsaber battle with Oscar Isaac himself at the 2016 Golden Globes. Naming his dog after a character from The Force Awakens really was a no-brainer. Tremblay adopted Rey back in April and asked his Twitter followers what he should call her. It sounds like he went with the perfect choice, especially since he has the Star Wars memorabilia to bring photoshoots like this to life. In case you missed it, he posted the photo below when first announcing the pup's new name.

If he's looking to pursue another hobby, Tremblay could totally make Star Wars themed calendars, where Rey poses alongside replicas of the movie franchise's characters. If that happens, sign me up! I'd even support a kickstarter for that, because it's a brilliant idea.